Overview: Quantum Health website gives you access to all your health care resources

One login takes you to Capital Rx, CareFirst, Delta, EyeMed, WEX, and more

Screen shot of the Quantum Health website, which shows some of the other sites that employees can access from there

Quantum Health is so much more than your personal health care navigator. It's your portal to all your health care resources. The service—newly added in 2024 for Johns Hopkins employees enrolled in CareFirst plans—takes you where you need to go. Once registered on the website, you have direct access to:

  • CareFirst
  • Capital Rx
  • Delta Dental
  • EyeMed
  • WEX

You never have to sign into them separately. (Note: Quantum will recommend you register with a personal email account rather than your JHU one.) In addition, if you have a flexible spending or health savings account, your balance will be shown on the site under Claims. You can see your medical claims on the site as well, and you can print your medical/prescriptions ID cards from there, too. Plus, you'll find links to:

  • MDLive, your new telehealth provider
  • JHEAP, the Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program
  • A locator for in-network providers
  • Links to other features your plan offers (click on More in the sidebar)

Quantum Health should always be your first contact for questions or concerns about your health care needs, from replacing ID cards to dealing with more complicated matters, such as scheduling, billing, pharmacy issues, or chronic illness management. You can contact Quantum Health care coordinators at 844-460-2801, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

A webinar providing more details on Quantum Health services will be held at noon on Wednesday, Jan. 31. Register in advance here.

Behind the scenes, as of Jan. 1 CareFirst Administrators will process your medical claims, and Capital Rx will manage your pharmacy benefits.

All employees enrolled in a JHU health plan (other than Kaiser) must use their new ID card, which covers both your health and pharmacy benefits. Of major importance, the new card has a new ID number; if you attempt to use your old ID, health care providers and pharmacies will assume that your insurance has been canceled. If you have not received your new ID card or would like additional cards, contact Quantum Health.

If you currently have a prescription that requires a prior authorization or that will change due to the new formulary, you will receive a letter from Capital Rx about this change, but your current prescription will continue to be covered until March 31. The new mail order provider is Optum Home Delivery; if you currently use mail order, your prescriptions will automatically be transferred to Optum and continue as is.

Benefits questions not answered here, on the Quantum website, or on the HR website can be sent to