Want expert advice about choosing your 2024 benefits? Ask ALEX

The virtual benefits counselor can use its new features to match your needs with JHU's available plans

Cartoon character representing ALEX

Ask ALEX— an interactive virtual benefits counselor designed to help you make confident choices about your benefits during enrollment—is back and better than ever.

The university understands that Annual Enrollment requires big decisions and that with the new medical plan offerings for 2024, you might be worried about picking the plan that's best for you. So ask ALEX to help you.

Once you answer a few questions about your preferences and health care needs, ALEX can narrow down the plan options to determine which one will give you the best coverage for the lowest cost.

ALEX's new features this year include a text-based experience, a smarter decisions-making engine, questions about your risk tolerance, and a family-plan comparison tool. With the comparison tool, you can input the details of your family member's health care plan options to figure out whether one of those or your JHU options gives you the best coverage for the lowest cost.

Fast and friendly

Using ALEX is sort of like chatting with a smart, funny friend (who happens to have memorized all your employer's plan documents). In less than 15 minutes, you'll create a plan of action you can use to speed through enrollment.

Totally confidential—and available at any time

ALEX is available to chat with you any time, day or night, from work or home. Your responses are totally private and won't be shared with anyone, so you can explore freely. Log in today to start your conversation.

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