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Talking with Dora Malech
Published Fall 2018
Poet Dora Malech on experimenting with form and language, working with young writers, and how language shapes what we know and how we feel / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Worth puzzling over
Published Fall 2018
Writing Seminars professor's newest poetry collection is at once esoteric, mischievous, playful, and obscure / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A life of music
Leon at 90
Published Fall 2018
Renowned pianist and conductor Leon Fleisher has dedicated 86 years to performing and studying music / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Raised in internment
Published Fall 2018
Young adult novel focuses on how global events irrevocably change young people already spinning in the tornadoes of adolescence / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Crime photography
Murder was his business
Published Fall 2018
Alum's new book explores the life and work of news photographer Weegee, who captured the crime-ridden underbelly of New York City between the wars / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Literary excision
Published Fall 2018
In her seventh collection of poems, alum Elizabeth Spires uses words with sparing potency / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Wherever the woodwind takes him
Published Fall 2018
Since Peabody alum Guilherme Andreas began playing flute when he was 12, he's been practicing, competing, and succeeding ever since / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Speaking with Elizabeth Spires
Published Sept 4, 2018
In advance of her talk at the Ivy Bookshop this week, Spires discusses her newest poetry collection
Race and rights
Published Aug 30, 2018
In her new book, 'Birthright Citizens,' historian Martha Jones explores slavery and freedom in antebellum Baltimore
Common read
An activist's history
Published Aug 29, 2018
First-year students read, discuss Jo Ann Gibson Robinson's memoir 'The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It'