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In memoriam
Celebrated poet John Irwin dies at 79
Published Dec 20, 2019
Known for his unpredictable literary style and thorough critical analysis, especially of the modernists, he was a fixture at Johns Hopkins for more than four decades
All this is hers
Published Winter 2019
After years of wandering, author Jami Attenberg, A&S '93, has settled into success in the Big Easy / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Brent Neale Winston's story is set in stone
Published Winter 2019
Inspired by fine art, classic literature, and European vacations, the Johns Hopkins alum has found success in fashion magazines as a jewelry designer / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Ushering in a new era
Published Winter 2019
Jessica Satava, Peab '04, was recently appointed director of the Johnstown Symphony Orchestra / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Field guide
Published Winter 2019
Book review of anthropologist Anand Pandian's A Possible Anthropology / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Review: 'Good Things Happen to People You Hate' by Rebecca Fishbein
Published Winter 2019
Rebecca Fishbein's collection of essays is hilarious and touching in equal measure / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Rare Books
Collection illuminates lives of early modern nuns
Published Winter 2019
The Women of the Book Collection offers a rare look into what it was like to be a woman between 1460 and 1800 / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Music for all
Published Winter 2019
Our Joyful Noise Baltimore, a nonprofit founded by Peabody's Maria Lambros, brings musical performances to unexpected places. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
'Tis the season in Stockholm
Published Dec 10, 2019
The spirit of Christmastime is fused with Nobel Week in Stockholm, with the Nobel Prize Museum in the city's heart the epicenter of much of the spectacle
Libraries acquire rare copy of seminal 19th-century essay
Published Dec 5, 2019
'A Problem in Greek Ethics' by poet John Addington Symonds helped set the stage for the modern gay-rights movement