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Going to extremes
Published May 26, 2017
MICA photographer Jay Gould creates arts based on his HEMI artist-in-residence experience
Arts festival
Hopkins at Light City
Published May 26, 2017
Weeklong Baltimore festival features Peabody performers, JHU panelists
From undocumented immigrant to Princeton professor
Published May 26, 2017
Scholar, memoirist Dan-el Padilla Peralta shares his story during lecture hosted by Alexander Grass Humanities Institute
STEAM Education
Local high schoolers get gallery treatment
Published May 26, 2017 Photos
At Montgomery County Campus, juried art show celebrates works by teen photographers, emphasizes importance of the arts
Pixels and parchment
Published Spring 2017
Textual scholar Stephen Nichols makes the case for digitizing medieval manuscripts / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The sound of science
Published Spring 2017
Hopkins alum Soren Wheeler produces the popular RadioLab podcast, which he calls a 'sneaky' way of getting listeners excited about science / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Breast martyrdom
Published Spring 2017
Johns Hopkins research professor visits the Festival of Saint Agatha in Catania, Sicily, for her new film / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Printer wonderland
Published Spring 2017
Globe Poster's archives contain little-known stories about musicians, boxers, and drag racers / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Light club
Published Spring 2017
Alumni photographers show us their favorite images in a visual feast / Johns Hopkins Magazine