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A horseman of a different era
Published April 20, 2022
A 7-foot tall sculpture, a small-scale version of Kehinde Wiley's defiant rejoinder to Confederate statuary, 'Rumors of War,' will be installed in Mudd Hall atrium
HSO Concerto Competition winners featured in season finale concert
Published April 18, 2022
Three students who do not major in music will be featured soloists at the HSO's season finale concert on April 23
Students organize Ukraine benefit concert
Published April 14, 2022
Four graduate students at the Peabody Conservatory organized an evening of music by Eastern European composers and will raise money to support Ukraine through the Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health
Minkah Makalani ventures beyond what can be imagined
Published April 12, 2022
The new director of the interdisciplinary Johns Hopkins Center for Africana Studies has seen firsthand how collaboration between the academy and the community can yield ideas unfettered by preconceived notions and expectations
A pioneer at the podium
Published April 8, 2022
A new documentary directed by JHU Professor of Media Studies Bernadette Wegenstein explores the many firsts of conductor Marin Alsop
Multimedia art
Breaking down borders
Published April 5, 2022 Photos
As part of a cross-disciplinary initiative to respond to anti-Asian violence, artist Jane Jin Kaisen brings her films and installations to the SNF Parkway Theatre
Special Collections
The Tell-Tale A
Published Feb 16, 2022
Sheet music signed "E.A. Poe" found in the Sheridan Libraries' Special Collections could change what we know about the famous poet. But is it a forgery?
Research funding
Diaspora Solidarities Lab co-led by JHU historian will unite Black and ethnic studies across institutions
Published Feb 3, 2022
Jessica Marie Johnson will serve as co-principal investigator on a project that aims to bring the humanities and archival research to the community
Sounds of the '60s
Published Winter 2021
Peabody alum Jacob Yoffee co-composes the score for the new Wonder Years reboot / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Ghosts of Cuba
Published Winter 2021
In Escape from Castro's Cuba, author Tim Wendel revisits Cuba and a cast of familiar characters / Johns Hopkins Magazine