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Art that engages
Published Spring 2024
A recent art installation utilizes materials from the university's rare book, manuscript, and archival collections / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Assimilating to America
Published Spring 2024
Susan Muaddi Darraj's debut novel tells the intertwined stories of Palestinian Americans living in Baltimore / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The Bard's Prophecies
Published Spring 2024
SAIS Professor Eliot Cohen's new book explores what Shakespeare can teach us about modern-day politics / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Sands of time
Published Spring 2024
Andrew Motion's new collection features 15 poems he has written since moving to from the U.K. to the United States / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Cherry tree trailblazer
Published March 21, 2024
Alumna biographer Diana Parsell discovers Eliza Scidmore, the forgotten heroine behind Washington's celebrated cherry trees
Seeing Baltimore through a new lens
Published March 13, 2024
Meet the six Baltimore-based artists whose work will be on permanent display at JHU, helping to celebrate the city's flourishing artistic talent
An immersive view of war in Ukraine
Published March 8, 2024
War Up Close exhibit incorporates 360-degree panoramic images, drone footage, and 3D modeling to capture the devastation of the conflict
In memoriam
Historian Richard A. Goldthwaite dies at 90
Published March 7, 2024
Goldthwaite devoted his career to the cultural, social, and political impacts of Renaissance Florence's economic activities
Artificial intelligence
Writing around an AI taboo
Published March 6, 2024
A new collection of AI-assisted writing assignments co-edited by University Writing Program lecturer Carly Schnitzler offers teachers practical ways to incorporate AI into their work while setting ground rules for its use
Exhibit celebrates beloved jazz vocalist, daughter of Baltimore
Published Feb 19, 2024
Known for her philosophy of 'soft power,' Ethel Ennis said she was proud to have bloomed where she was planted, in her hometown of Baltimore