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Living with Lyme
Published Summer 2018
In her new memoir, author and alum Porochista Khakpour explores Lyme disease through a grand metaphysical reflection on feeling out of place in her own body / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Talking with J.D. Connor
Published Summer 2018
Hopkins alum dishes on the business of show business and why the stories Hollywood tells about itself matter / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Emerging media
The immersive world of Gabo
Published Summer 2018
Filmmaker Gabo Arora uses virtual reality to enable people to walk in another person's shoes / Johns Hopkins Magazine
In disarray
Published Summer 2018
Art and science / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Follow the money
Published Summer 2018
'Hollywood Math and Aftermath' is an original and illuminating exploration of commercial film and television production / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Estate stories
Published Summer 2018
Delury has a gift for devastating understatement and delicate moments in her debut novel, 'The Balcony' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Violent nature
Published Summer 2018
This compact, heady book asks whether being human requires a capacity for violence that defines itself against nature / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The diva's diva
Published Summer 2018
Peabody brings to life the story of one of opera's greatest sopranos / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Tracks of their tears
Published Summer 2018
Alum and NPR reporter Sasha Ingber documents the refugee crisis through the music and culture of displaced people / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Stories in past tense
Published Summer 2018
Narrative is a powerful way to present historical information. Historian Nathan Connolly discusses why it works, and when it doesn't. / Johns Hopkins Magazine