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Prose of war
Published Spring 2020
Michael O'Donnell didn't return home from the Vietnam War. His poetry did. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Mother power
Published Spring 2020
Opening in April, the Baltimore Museum of Art's A Perfect Power exhibit explores the cultural, moral, and spiritual authority of African mothers. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Women's History Month
'Barbie: Queen of the Prom' and other bygone games
Published March 5, 2020
Vintage Game Night at Johns Hopkins features 13 retro gems that show how far women's rights have come—and how far there is still to go
A story of love, politics, culture, and history
Published Feb 28, 2020
Junior Similoluwa Aluko wrote and co-directs "How Palm Wine Sours," a multi-generational story about women, love, and politics in the Oyo empire of West Africa
A celebration of black heritage
Published Feb 26, 2020
Students show off their artistic talents at the second annual Black Heritage Showcase, sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs
Snapshots of Baltimore's past
Published Feb 17, 2020
John Clark Mayden's photography book and exhibition document 50 years of the Baltimore's black community
Harmonious hacking
Published Feb 5, 2020
Peabody hackathon focuses on innovations in music composition, performance, and education
Intersession 2020
Music appreciation: A# to Zelda
Published Feb 3, 2020
During Intersession, students immersive themselves in the world of video game music, its composition, and its lasting cultural impact
Humanities program for community college students expands
Published Jan 23, 2020
JHU Humanities Collaboratory will double its class size and be open to students from any community college in Maryland
Intersession 2020
Poetry in the age of climate change
Published Jan 13, 2020
Johns Hopkins PhD candidate Alex Streim says poetry could give science fiction a run for its money when it comes to exploring human anxieties about our warming planet