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The diva's diva
Published Summer 2018
Peabody brings to life the story of one of opera's greatest sopranos / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Tracks of their tears
Published Summer 2018
Alum and NPR reporter Sasha Ingber documents the refugee crisis through the music and culture of displaced people / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Stories in past tense
Published Summer 2018
Narrative is a powerful way to present historical information. Historian Nathan Connolly discusses why it works, and when it doesn't. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Behind the scenes
TV Writing 101
Published June 21, 2018
Hopkins helps writers hone their skills for Hollywood
Discourse on (Dis)Ability
Published June 21, 2018
Emily Dorffer compiled and edited the '(Dis)Ability' anthology to encourage more accurate portrayals of disabled people in literature
Exploring Homewood's untold history
Published June 21, 2018
Multiyear research project examines the stories of the slaves who lived and worked at the property that would become Johns Hopkins University's Homewood campus
An intimate portrait of a working-class life
Published June 21, 2018
In advance of the premiere of his fourth film, 'Sollers Point,' Johns Hopkins lecturer Matthew Porterfield sits down to talk filmmaking, creating complex characters, and the colors of summer in Baltimore
A hugging machine and other life hacks
Published June 21, 2018
Students from Johns Hopkins, MICA team up for multidisciplinary design challenge
Race in America
Beyond 'I Have a Dream'
Published June 21, 2018
Friends of Martin Luther King Jr. reflect on his 'Drum Major Instinct' sermon of 1968
Sheridan Libraries
Historic photos now available online
Published June 21, 2018
Photographs, slides, and portraits made available through the Ferdinand Hamburger University Archives