Community resource web page provides information, support to those in need

Community Support page includes details on food assistance, educational resources, volunteer opportunities, upcoming community events

In response to the ongoing effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, Johns Hopkins University has launched a Community Support web page to provide key information to those affected by the ongoing pandemic both in Baltimore and across the nation.

"Supporting our community members, both in Baltimore and beyond, is an essential part of Johns Hopkins' mission."
Alicia Wilson
Vice President for economic development

The Community Support page provides reliable information about COVID-19, including for those who are might be especially vulnerable, such as the homeless, school students, families, seniors, and those living with disabilities. Other resources include information for those who have been especially adversely affected from financial or health challenges during the ongoing crisis. These include information from Johns Hopkins' experts, health care options, food assistance, educational resources for students, and financial assistance information for small businesses.

The page also includes a calendar of upcoming events, including Johns Hopkins' town hall forums on the coronavirus. The Community Support page will continue reflect the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 as the situation evolves both in Maryland and nationally.

"Supporting our community members, both in Baltimore and beyond, is an essential part of Johns Hopkins' mission," said Alicia Wilson, vice president for economic development at Johns Hopkins. "By providing reliable information, especially to those who are our most vulnerable community members, we're making sure that Baltimore, Johns Hopkins, and our nation will be able to persevere and thrive during this unprecedented moment."

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine, with support from community, business, civic, and faith partners, have worked to aid communities in need. In addition to providing insights from Johns Hopkins experts on the coronavirus resource center, local efforts have included supporting a community food pantry in partnership with the Maryland Food Bank, partnering with Under Armor to make face masks for health system works, and collaborating with Sagamore Spirits to manufacture disinfectant for use in health system facilities.

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