10x2020: Shared goals

Strengthening communities

As Baltimore's largest anchor institution, Johns Hopkins is committed to making the city as strong as it can be through service, education, and investment

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This is the fifth in a series of articles highlighting Johns Hopkins University's goals articulated in the Ten by Twenty vision plan, 10 goals to be reached by the year 2020.

When our communities thrive, we all do.

Johns Hopkins' abiding dedication to Baltimore drive its to share ideas and energy to make the city as strong as it can be. To that end, Johns Hopkins is deeply invested in partnerships outside the university that enrich its students and its neighbors, bolster scholarship, and give expression to the university's mission.

10x2020 Progress Report

An update on progress Johns Hopkins has made toward goals articulated by President Ronald J. Daniels

One of the best ways Johns Hopkins, as an educational institution, can invest in Baltimore is by supporting its residents' education.

Over the past two years, the university has launched, or formed partnerships on, a number of initiatives that support Baltimore students of all ages. These programs—including one that gives city middle-schoolers the opportunity to learn how to record and produce music from acclaimed musician and JHU faulty member Thomas Dolby—bolster classroom programming, foster student health and well-being, and increase college access and affordability.

The past two years been a pivotal period for the partnership between the university and Baltimore, with the fall 2015 launch of HopkinsLocal, a comprehensive strategy to promote greater economic growth and employment opportunities in the city.

Johns Hopkins has also placed renewed emphasis on bolstering the neighborhoods near its campuses, including the transformation of Eager Park near the East Baltimore campus. And it has restructured the Baltimore Scholars Program and joined the MICUA's Guaranteed Access grants program to help make a Hopkins education more affordable for top students.

The actions align with Goal No. 7 of the Ten by Twenty, to enhance and enrich the university's ties to Baltimore, the nation, and the world so that Johns Hopkins becomes the exemplar of a globally engaged urban university.