Daniels: Johns Hopkins making 'tremendous strides' toward shared goals

JHU releases second 'Ten by Twenty' Progress Report featuring snapshots of programs, initiatives, investments the university has undertaken over the past two years

Almost four years after the launch of the Ten by Twenty vision plan, Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels today invited the university community to explore a second update on the institution's progress and share feedback.

The Ten by Twenty was released in 2013 following conversations with more than 1,000 members of the Johns Hopkins community across all 10 divisions.

"Many of you shared ambitions and hopes for our institution and challenged us to aim high when considering the path ahead," Daniels wrote in an email message to university community today.

The vision that emerged was organized into 10 goals to be reached by the year 2020. The second Ten by Twenty Progress Report offers 30 snapshots of programs, initiatives, and investments the university has undertaken over the past two years—since the release of the first progress report in 2015—in pursuit of those goals.

They include stories about a new institute for cancer immunotherapy that is uniting experts from across divisions, efforts to improve the way the university recruits and retains a diverse faculty, Johns Hopkins' commitment to support economic opportunity in Baltimore, and the steps being taken to build a more environmentally conscious university. Together all of the examples reflect a commitment to the Ten by Twenty's four priority areas: One University, Individual Excellence, Commitment to Our Communities, and Institution Building.

"We have made tremendous strides toward our goals since we launched the Ten by Twenty, and our university community has also engaged in important dialogue about areas where we must continue to improve," Daniels said. "It will take all of us to maintain the momentum and hold ourselves accountable to our ambitious, common vision for Johns Hopkins. I invite you to continue the conversation we started more than four years ago."