Awards recognize contributions to JHU's sustainability efforts

11 offices and/or individuals will receive Green Blue Jay Awards

Eleven offices and/or individuals from across Johns Hopkins University will be honored today for making their operations greener.

Green Blue Jay Awards, presented by the Office of Sustainability, recognize contributions to the university's sustainability efforts through economic, environmental, and social measures. Winners will receive their awards today at 5 p.m. during a ceremony in the Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory commons area.

"It's our way of recognizing our many partners across the institution that are making change happen on the ground," said Ashley Pennington, the senior program coordinator for the Office of Sustainability. "There are a lot of folks who take it to heart and incorporate sustainability into their programs."

The "Three Legged Stool" award, for example, recognizes collaboration across departments and programs. This year, that award will go to the Departments of Housing and Residential Life, which partner with Homewood Recycling to provide students with a space to drop-off unwanted clothing, housewares, toiletries, and non-perishable foods that get donated to local organizations as they pack up at the semester's end.

The "Wacky and Wonderful" award celebrates the students at Homewood Recycling who dress up in a cornstalk costume, wander campus, and share the do's and don'ts of composting. Corn, to cup, to compost—that's the mantra behind the out-of-the-box program.

The 2015 Green Blue Jay Awards and recipients are:

  • Housing and Residence Life, Spring Cleaning with a Meaning Move-Out Recycling Program: "Three Legged Stool," which recognizes incorporation of three major aspects of sustainability: economic, environmental, and social.

  • Heather Michaelson, of JHFRE Mobile Work Order Program: "Change from Within," which recognizes an individual who has taken a leadership role that has impacted university-wide sustainability measures.

  • Weigh the Waste, Real Food Hopkins, and JHU Dining: "Sustainability Exposed," which recognizes the effort to share sustainable measures and practices amongst the Johns Hopkins community.

  • Antonia Daniels, of the Office of the President "Spirit of Sustainability," which recognizes an individual who demonstrates a unique enthusiasm for sustainability.

  • BSI Recycling Expansion: Green Partner of the Year, which recognizes an organization that has shown exceptional commitment to sustainability on one or more of the Johns Hopkins campuses.

  • School of Medicine: Division of the Year, which recognizes the Johns Hopkins division that has made the most significant progress over the course of the past year.

  • Sustainable Hopkins Infrastructure Program: Student Group of the Year, which recognizes the Johns Hopkins student group that has made the biggest impact during the past year.

  • Janet Kirsch, of the Office of Student Activities: "Zero to Hero," which highlights an event or project that exemplifies great progress in incorporating zero waste principles

  • Carey Business School CityLab Program: "By the Book," which recognizes the accomplishment of integrating sustainability principles and priorities into academics.

  • Hopkins Athletics: Above and Beyond, which recognizes the department that has demonstrated the strongest commitment to campus sustainability efforts in a unique way.

  • Homewood Recycling: Cornelius "Wacky and Wonderful," which recognizes a sustainability efforts that goes outside the box to creatively advance sustainability values and action at JHU.

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