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Input sought on sustainability plan
Published Sept 27, 2023
Draft document outlines a new set of sustainability goals for the university, details forthcoming actions
Sustainable energy
JHU researchers join push for 100% renewable energy power grids
Published Sept 18, 2023
New Electric Power Innovation for a Carbon-free Society center will collaborate with international partners to decarbonize global energy sector
Undergraduate honors
Sustainable city block earns top-five spot in ASCE competition
Published June 26, 2023
The competition encourages students to learn more about sustainability and challenges them to include sustainable practices in engineering design in a practical way
Creative climate resilience solutions
Published May 3, 2023
Second HackGood4 Baltimore hackathon challenges students from three Baltimore high schools to develop equitable, actionable ideas
Students support environmental justice efforts in South Baltimore
Published April 27, 2023
The yearlong Krieger School course allows students to contribute to ongoing conversations about a healthier and more just future for residents of South Baltimore's Curtis Bay
Mechanical engineering
Study links nano and macro aspects of everyday force
Published Jan 25, 2023
Research findings related to friction could improve the design of personal prosthetic devices and sustainable energy systems
Climate impact labels could affect fast food selections
Published Jan 5, 2023
Participants of a new study who were shown climate impact labels on a sample menu often chose the more sustainable option, highlighting the potential for labeling in fast food as an effective way to promote sustainability and nutritional choices
Fashion-forward sustainability
Published Winter 2022
Lauren Choi, Engr '20, launched her company, The New Norm, to transform plastic into sustainable, wearable fabric / Johns Hopkins Magazine
From waste to windfall: Engineers' new method extracts valuable materials from mining discards
Published Nov 16, 2022
The method is more environmentally friendly than current mining approaches and can aid in the production of more sustainable energy resources, such as lithium-ion batteries
With Inflation Reduction Act, U.S. sees landmark action on climate change
Published Aug 12, 2022
Experts from the Ralph O'Connor Sustainable Energy Institute discuss the legislation's impact on renewable energy, carbon capture technology, and other approaches to environmental sustainability