Johns Hopkins creative writing, robotics programs recognized on top 10 lists

It's always nice to see a Johns Hopkins program recognized as one of the top 10 in the country. But two such rankings in one week? Well, that's twice as nice.

College Magazine recently placed JHU No. 3 on its list of top 10 colleges for aspiring writers. And Business Insider called Hopkins one of the nation's 10 best universities for robotics.

Of JHU's Writing Seminars, College Magazine writes:

Seminars at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore dig deep. You can choose from a selection of forty classes on setting the scene, outdoor stories, nature writing, science writing and point of view. To build on your seminar experience, join JHU's literary magazine, Thoroughfare. The publication's impressive website will encourage you to submit pieces and read peers' work.

And Business Insider had this to say about our robotics programs:

The goal of the Johns Hopkins University's Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robots (a not-for-profit division of the school) is straightforward: to "create knowledge and foster innovation to further the field of robotics science and engineering."

This is accomplished by exposing students to a wide variety of robotics topics. Consider its LIMBS Laboratory, which examines the principles of sensory guidance in animals and sees how they might be applied to robots. Consider its Computational Interaction and Robotics Laboratory, which examines the many hard problems encountered in human-robot interaction and robotic spatial awareness.

Thanks, guys. We're blushing.