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Diagnostic breakthroughs meet FDA roadblocks
Published Oct 23, 2016
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Steven Salzberg says regulations block improvements to DNA sequencing for diagnosing illness / Bloomberg View
Health policy
What's a single-payer plan?
Published Oct 23, 2016
SPH experts explain health insurance alternative mentioned during presidential debate
Faculty members disavow report on gender, sexuality
Published Oct 23, 2016
In 'Sun' op-ed, authors say report is not comprehensive, mischaracterizes the current state of science on gender and sexuality / The Baltimore Sun

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MSE Symposium
Becoming 'unerased'
Published Oct 23, 2016
Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson discusses police brutality, the power of social media, and the changing face of activism
Environmental health
A prelude to Flint
Published Oct 23, 2016
Failure to learn lessons a decade earlier led to Flint water crisis, scientist Marc Edwards says
A conversation with JHU's new provost
Published Oct 23, 2016
Sunil Kumar discusses what drew him to Hopkins, the role of the provost's office, and the importance of listening
Race in America
Panelists to discuss black social justice movements
Published Oct 23, 2016
Sept. 27 event features experts on African-American history, social activism, political organizing
A year after Hajj tragedy, political tensions linger
Published Oct 23, 2016
As annual pilgrimage to Mecca begins, SAIS Dean Vali Nasr discusses ongoing conflict between Saudi Arabia, Iran / NPR
Papa Johns ... Hopkins?
Published Oct 23, 2016
Adorable kid sets his sights on a world-class education (or possibly a pizza)
Election 2016
'Downwardly mobile' for Donald
Published Oct 23, 2016
GOP candidate's message likely resonating with those who believe they are worse off than their parents, Johns Hopkins sociologist Andrew Cherlin writes
A new Cold War?
Published Oct 23, 2016
Likelihood of 'dangerous incidents' involving U.S., Russia on the rise, SAIS expert says / World Politics Review
How welfare failed millions
Published Oct 23, 2016
Welfare now less responsive to families who need it, drives people to live on 'virtually nothing,' poverty expert Kathy Edin says
Baby, it's hot outside
Published Oct 23, 2016
Bioethicist Travis Rieder discusses the morality of having children in the age of global warming / NPR
A rare success story for Afghanistan
Published Oct 23, 2016
Investments in education system paying off for Afghanistan, SAIS visiting scholar Rohullah Osmani writes / The Diplomat
Maternal health
In Kenya, a different path
Published Oct 23, 2016
Jhpiego helps Nairobi youth set up small businesses, avoid crimes that target pregnant women / ONE
Rio Olympics
North Korea's 'sports diplomacy'
Published Oct 23, 2016
SAIS visiting scholar on the fate of North Korean Olympians who return home without medals / BBC News