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An Unexpected First

How interesting to hear, after centuries of medical research treating human biology as essentially male biology, that the first complete sequence of the human genome is female. Although the science is quite serious, the belated sequencing of the Y chromosome brought a smile to my face: male as afterthought for a change—delicious!

Stuart Anderson, A&S '87 (MA)

From X

On "Awestruck" [Winter], a deep dive into a little-understood emotion:

"This is a truly wonderful piece on being awestruck. What a wonderful thing to enjoy and plan for. We should seek out awesome experiences regularly to enhance our collective humanity." —@TheSourceSeeker

More on "Awestruck":

"A well-written reminder of why it's worthwhile to seek out awe as awe-ften as possible." —@TynanGrierson

On "The Art of Quitting" [Winter], an essay by Hannah Rose, Ed '15 (MS), about leaving the island during the first episode of Survivor:

"I love Hannah Rose and this piece is beautiful, just like her." —@kendraruthless

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