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Material world

Quest for better metal

August 14, 2015 9:53:00 am
Materials scientist aims to create super-strong, durable metallic glass

Material manipulation

July 9, 2015 8:15:00 am
Project led by JHU chemist Kit Bowen receives $7.5M grant from DOD

Early career honor

May 7, 2015 1:38:00 pm
Materials science specialist Rebekka Klausen among 44 grant recipients under U.S. Department of Energy's Early Career Research Program

Chien wins IUPAP Magnetism Award and NĂ©el Medal

April 20, 2015 1:08:00 pm
Professor recognized for discoveries in magnetic materials, nanostructures

Putting a sting on cancer

July 28, 2014 12:50:00 pm
Johns Hopkins grad student hopes to engineer toxin in honeybee venom to destroy tumors / JHU Engineering magazine
Extreme science

JHU, Morgan State announce educational partnership

May 2, 2014 11:00:00 am
Five-year science and engineering internship program aims to 'educate the people who will change our world'

Hopkins materials institute to support U.S. manufacturing innovation initiative

March 10, 2014 2:38:00 pm
HEMI will work closely with Detroit-based LM3I, providing blast and ballistics expertise

Mueller gets NSF CAREER Award

March 10, 2014 2:01:00 pm
Materials scientist will use $400,00 grant to support research, educational outreach program

JHU senior among Gates Cambridge Scholars

February 18, 2014 9:58:00 am
Filippone plans to use his award to study efficiency of low-cost solar cells
Bad breakups

Tiny bubble trouble

June 5, 2013 3:46:18 pm
  |   Video
JHU researchers study nature of bubbles that weaken metallic glass

McQueen receives fellowship

April 30, 2013 1:51:00 pm
Award recognizes young scientists making substantial contributions to solid-state chemistry

JHU professor honored by Asian Union of Magnetic Sciences

October 31, 2012 3:59:21 pm
Chien recognized for 'contribution to magnetic materials, nanostructures, magnetoelectronic phenomena and devices'

Chemist McQueen wins Packard Fellowship

October 15, 2012 3:05:00 pm
Award given annually to unusually creative young faculty members in science and engineering

Getting DNA in shape

October 12, 2012 11:39:00 am
Altering shape of nanoparticles could lead to 'safer and more effective delivery method for gene therapy'

Building better armor

September 18, 2012 10:38:00 am
Research institute funded by $90M from U.S. Army aims to create materials that are stronger, lighter / Fox News