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'Unpacking Baltimore'
Prejudice and policing
Published April 30, 2017
NPR reporter details life, death of Philando Castile, who was fatally shot by police in Minnesota in July following a traffic stop
Day of Service
Community commitment
Published April 30, 2017
More than 1,000 volunteers take part in JHU's annual President's Day of Service
Second life
Reboot for old devices
Published April 30, 2017
Student groups restores and donates used computers, aims to expand computer access across Baltimore
Refugee communities 101
Published April 30, 2017
JHU students get immersive introduction to issues facing immigrant communities in Baltimore and beyond
Meaningful impact
Published April 30, 2017
JHU's Community Impact Internships program honored by governor's office for service contributions
Getting oriented
Charm City crash course
Published April 30, 2017
Orientation for first-year students includes full day devoted to seeing, learning about Baltimore
Organizational Behavior
Trial by fire
Published April 30, 2017
Organizations can learn a thing or two from firefighters about coping with unpredictable situations
Community interns make an impact
Published April 30, 2017
Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby to speak to JHU students taking part in city community internships program, which is in its fifth year
Honor roll
Service efforts recognized
Published April 30, 2017
JHU among hundreds of colleges, universities honored for role in addressing community challenges through service
In with inmates
Published Jan-Feb 2015
Long-running public service project sends Johns Hopkins students behind prison walls / Gazette