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Student Life

By the numbers
Meet the Class of 2020
Published Aug 28, 2016
First-year undergrads, more than 1,300 of them, arrive on the Homewood campus this week
Student scholar
'A door-opening opportunity'
Published Aug 28, 2016
Rising senior George Mwinnyaa, a public health studies major, earns coveted NIH Undergraduate Scholarship
Coming soon
New eats at Nine East
Published Aug 28, 2016
Restaurants, coffee shop planned for new building near JHU's Homewood campus

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Welcome, new Jays!
Published Aug 28, 2016 Photos
Class of 2020 arrives on JHU's Homewood campus
Public health
Chasing down Zika virus
Published Aug 28, 2016
Rising senior Lara Gaffney, captain of JHU's women's cross country team, helps Baltimore City Health Department's efforts to prevent mosquito-borne virus / The Baltimore Sun
Not your typical post-graduation trip
Published Aug 28, 2016
Recent graduate Laura Scavo travels to Liberia to see the Ebola protective suit she worked on in action
Responding to Orlando
Published Aug 28, 2016
Hopkins community grapples with shootings at Pulse nightclub, seeks healing
When the air is a playground
Published Summer 2016
The Aerial Circus Club hangs, spins, and twists on silks and rings for the most artistic of core workouts / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Pool reporting
A pioneer looks back
Published Summer 2016
A pioneer of the Johns Hopkins Wading Team reflects on his varsity career / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Precision networking
Published Summer 2016
GoHopOnline creates a digital space where students and alumni can interact / Johns Hopkins Magazine
We're having fun now
Published Summer 2016 Photos
Skits, tennis, turtles, banjos, men in neckties standing in water—Hopkins students have amused themselves in a variety of ways over the decades / Johns Hopkins Magazine
'Expect the unexpected'
Published Aug 28, 2016 Video
Senior class president Amy Sun tells fellow grads to enjoy their next adventure, whatever it may be
Commencement 2016
'We've seen so much'
Published Aug 28, 2016
Members of the Class of 2016 reflect on their time at Johns Hopkins
Commencement 2016
Hopkins graduation day in photos
Published Aug 28, 2016 Photos
Check out photos from today's events as JHU celebrates the Class of 2016
Complete coverage of graduation at Hopkins
Published Aug 28, 2016
A collection of sentiments, comments, pictures, and other digitalia related our 2016 graduates
Senior sendoff
Here's to you, Class of 2016
Published Aug 28, 2016 Video
President Daniels salutes JHU's Class of 2016 at inaugural Undergraduate Senior Toast
Commencement 2016
Must-dos, parting advice from the Class of 2016
Published Aug 28, 2016
Seniors share their words of wisdom for future Blue Jays