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Undergraduate admissions

Johns Hopkins invites 1,749 students to join its Class of 2028

They have the opportunity to join 809 students previously admitted to the class in the Early Decision cohorts

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Today 1,749 students from 52 countries, 49 states, the District of Columbia, and two U.S. territories were offered admission to Johns Hopkins University's undergraduate Class of 2028 in the Regular Decision cohort, joining 809 previously admitted Early Decision applicants.

The first crocuses of spring popped up on the Homewood campus in late February 2022
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"It's exciting to see the many creative ways these students are already applying what they learn to make an impact in their communities," said Calvin Wise, deputy dean of undergraduate admissions. "Together with our Early Decision cohorts, the Class of 2028 represents some of the brightest, most driven young people from across the globe."

The cohort includes the developer of an app providing multilingual resources for refugees, an award-winning playwright who launched a writing camp for local youth, the founder of a voting education program for students in the Philippines, and a Guinness World Record holder for fastest solve of the Square-1 Rubik's Cube. They've also published novels in multiple languages, written and secured grants, advocated for policy to benefit their communities, patented their inventions, and launched successful businesses. At the same time, many have also held part-time jobs, served as the main interpreters for their families, and spent time caring for younger siblings.

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Their high school teachers and counselors describe them as unparalleled leaders and deep thinkers navigating obstacles with elegant precision and assurance. Committed to driving social change, they not only work to find solutions but know how to garner buy-in from their peers. Their passions extend beyond the classroom, where they are already making an impact on the people and systems around them. During high school, 89% held part-time jobs, internships, or summer jobs; 59% were active in the arts; 51% were involved in athletics; and 53% were involved in policy, civic engagement, or advocacy work.

Of the admitted students, 60% plan to enroll in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the remainder plan to enroll in the Whiting School of Engineering.

"These students have demonstrated through their applications that their values align with ours here at Hopkins," Wise said. "We look forward to the new perspectives they will bring and the positive change they will have in our community beginning this fall."

The admitted students have until May 1 to accept their spot in the Class of 2028.