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Faculty honors
Two Hopkins mathematicians named Simons Fellows
Published March 30, 2017
Nitu Kitchloo, Chikako Mese were recognized for scholarly achievement, potential impact of the work conducted during their fellowship
Small cities, big issues
Published Spring 2017
Hopkins public health researcher Debra Furr-Holden leads center in Flint, Mich. to address problems like unpotable water, food deserts / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Reclaimed touch
Published Spring 2017
APL is making the next generation of prosthetic limbs that not only act on thought command, but also send signals back to the brain / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Pixels and parchment
Published Spring 2017
Textual scholar Stephen Nichols makes the case for digitizing medieval manuscripts / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The sound of science
Published Spring 2017
Hopkins alum Soren Wheeler produces the popular RadioLab podcast, which he calls a 'sneaky' way of getting listeners excited about science / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Lasting impact
Published Spring 2017
JHU psychiatrist examines brains of NFL athletes who have suffered concussions, finding molecular changes that last decades after trauma / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Blocking dengue
Published Spring 2017
Recent study shows that scientists have succeeded in producing a mosquito in the lab that, while not quite dengue-proof, is significantly more disease-resistant / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Sleep, perchance to remember
Published Spring 2017
What happens during sleep that helps us remember what we learned when awake? Johns Hopkins neuroscientists believe they have a partial answer. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The internet of bad things
Published Spring 2017
Your gadgets might be helping hackers conduct cyber attacks—and there's not much that can be done about it / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Faculty honors
Nine selected for AIMBE College of Fellows
Published March 30, 2017
Members are considered among the top two percent of the country's medical and biological engineers
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