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Faculty honors
Nine selected for AIMBE College of Fellows
Published March 23, 2017
Members are considered among the top two percent of the country's medical and biological engineers
Status update?
Make Pluto a planet again
Published March 23, 2017
Planetary scientist offers a geophysical definition of planets—which would expand the number in our solar system from eight to about 110
Visual thinking
Memorable moves
Published March 23, 2017 Video
The way an object moves affects how well you remember it, Hopkins researchers find
Emerging technology
Alexa, can Hopkins improve voice technology?
Published March 23, 2017
Amazon sponsors an Alexa Fellow to encourage advances in voice communication between people and machines
Planetary scholar
Space scientist named BDP
Published March 23, 2017
Sabine Stanley's research focuses on magnetic fields as a means of studying the interiors of planets, including those light-years away from our solar system
Biomedical engineering
DNA inspector gadget
Published March 23, 2017
New open source gene sequencing software could aid in early detection, treatment of cancer
National Engineers Week
Pasta power
Published March 23, 2017
Annual 'Tower of Power' competition challenges challenges teams to aim higher with spaghetti, marshmallow structures
Black History Month
Innovative engineer, electrifying educator
Published March 23, 2017 Video
A lifetime of curiosity led Johns Hopkins engineer James West to secure more than 250 patents, accelerate communications revolution
Fetal health
Zika may cause miscarriages
Published March 23, 2017
In mouse study, exposure to virus led to higher rates of miscarriages, babies born with thin brain tissue, brain inflammation
Hackers dream up memory app in 36 hours
Published March 23, 2017 Photos
Tech breakthroughs fueled by caffeine, pizza, midnight walks during JHU's semiannual student hackathon
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