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Global health
Designed to save lives
Published Sept 30, 2016
Students in CBID program create medical devices to solve clinical problems in U.S., abroad
Number networks
Adaptability in the brain
Published Sept 30, 2016
In blind people, brain's vision center plays role in solving math problems, study finds
Observing a one-star meal
Published Sept 30, 2016
Scientists find new ways to track stars eaten by black holes, promising to help paint a clearer picture of this cosmic phenomenon

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Beta City
JHU startup takes top prize
Published Sept 30, 2016
Mobile health app Tissue Analytics, which tracks wound healing, wins Beta City startup pitch competition / The Baltimore Sun
Slowing Parkinson's spread
Published Sept 30, 2016
Drug already in clinical trials for other conditions slows disease progression in mice
Undergrad research
Top inventors
Published Sept 30, 2016
Undergraduate team named finalist in Collegiate Inventors Competition for device that freezes breast cancer tissue
Planetary science
How the moon was made
Published Sept 30, 2016
Stratified layer in Earth's mantle points to 'giant impact' of infant planet, research suggests
New leadership for INBT
Published Sept 30, 2016
Sharon Gerecht, Hai-Quan Mao will assume director, associate director roles, respectively
Environmental health
A prelude to Flint
Published Sept 30, 2016
Failure to learn lessons a decade earlier led to Flint water crisis, scientist Marc Edwards says
Sports medicine
Why women are more prone to ACL injuries
Published Sept 30, 2016
Researchers find new evidence of link between testosterone, strength of knee ligament
Faculty honors
Geneticist wins Lasker Award
Published Sept 30, 2016
Gregg Semenza recognized with one of the most prestigious awards in science for his discovery of how cells sense oxygen
Heart health
A healing light?
Published Sept 30, 2016 Video
In lab test, researchers stop lethal heart arrhythmias with gentle light—not harsh electric shocks
Online program in data science launches
Published Sept 30, 2016
New master's program will train engineering professionals to meet a growing demand for statisticians
Bat behavior
Kill them with cute
Published Sept 30, 2016 Video
A bat's head and ear movements sync with the animal's sonar to help it hunt, study finds
Honoring a legacy
Published Sept 30, 2016
Group wants to rename section of Md. river after late JHU geologist 'Reds' Wolman / The Carroll County Times
Campus ministries
The UX of religion
Published Fall 2016
When "theologian turned techie" Asher Kolieboi thinks about religion, he sometimes thinks about UX / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Domestic violence
A smartphone lifeline
Published Fall 2016
Based on research out of Nursing, the myPlan app helps women and their friends determine whether their relationships are unsafe / Johns Hopkins Magazine
'Brilliant' recognition
Published Sept 30, 2016
Computer scientist Suchi Saria honored by 'Popular Science' for computer-based approaches to diagnosis, treatment for sepsis