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Innovators under 35
WSE researcher honored
Published Aug 27, 2016
Muyinatu Bell, who mixes sound, light, robotic technology to enhance medical imaging, recognized by 'MIT Technology Review'
Can one cosmic mystery help solve another?
Published Aug 27, 2016
Astrophysicists from Johns Hopkins propose using mysterious fast radio bursts to help detect dark matter
Robotic arm sends sensory signals
Published Aug 27, 2016 Video
Scientists pair robotic arm with innovative surgery, develop first prosthetic with a sense of touch

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Instant replay
How the brain remembers where to go
Published Aug 27, 2016
Study using rats shows that brains use backward replays to recall routes that end in rewards / Hopkins Medicine
Fossil find
Primate evolution puzzle
Published Aug 27, 2016
25 tiny bones recently discovered in India bolster controversial idea about early primate evolution
Night flight
Camouflage, with a twist
Published Aug 27, 2016
Luna moth's long, twisted tail could confuse predators that hunt using echolocation
Brain science
'Physics engine' found
Published Aug 27, 2016 Video
Researchers identify brain region that helps us predict how the world around us will behave
Interdisciplinary scholar
Carl Wu named 23rd BDP
Published Aug 27, 2016
Renowned expert on chromatin biology, biochemistry will establish new lab to investigate chromatin structure, gene regulation
Cancer's first steps
Published Aug 27, 2016
Early stage sarcoma cells motivated to move in search of oxygen, study suggests
Low-cost alternative?
Published Aug 27, 2016
Generic forms of biologic drugs can be just as safe, effective as name brand counterparts / School of Public Health
Surface scan
A closer look at Mars
Published Aug 27, 2016
Gullies on Mars likely not formed by liquid water, scientists conclude
Biomedical engineering
Facing the future
Published Aug 27, 2016
Researcher Warren Grayson creates ready-to-implant plastic bones that grow into living tissue for facial reconstructive surgery / JHU Engineering magazine
On track
First response robot
Published Aug 27, 2016
Remote system developed at APL can assess railway accidents, detect potential hazards
Brain science
Curb enthusiasm
Published Aug 27, 2016
Researchers pinpoint areas of the brain sensitive to even the tiniest borders, boundaries, and curbs
Undergraduate research
Breathing easier
Published Aug 27, 2016 Video
Student team designs device that could help reduce deaths from battlefield injuries that block breathing
Numbers and notes
Published Aug 27, 2016 Video
JHU summer course teaches the beauty of math through music
Mission impastable
Carb loading
Published Aug 27, 2016
Aspiring engineers compete in annual Spaghetti Bridge Contest
Stem cell research
Protein bolsters growth of damaged muscle tissue
Published Aug 27, 2016
Discovery could contribute to treatments for muscle degeneration caused by aging, diseases such as muscular dystrophy