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Lucy liked to climb
Published Dec 3, 2016
CT scans of fossil's bones indicate human ancestor spent a significant amount of time in trees
APL mathematician honored
Published Dec 3, 2016
Ryan Gardner named Outstanding Young Engineer by Maryland Academy of Sciences for work on systems that prevent midair collisions of aircrafts
4 named AAAS fellows
Published Dec 3, 2016
Janice Clements, Yuan Chuan Lee, Joseph Margolick, Rosemary Wyse honored for advancing science applications

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Pedal play
Published Winter 2016 Video
After losing his hands to meningitis, student Gyorgy Levay devises a way to play video games—with his feet / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Zebrafish pedagogy
Published Winter 2016
The collision that made the moon
Published Winter 2016
Researchers simulate the collision they hypothesize created the moon / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Space oddities
Published Winter 2016
Data from New Horizons reveals Pluto and Charon are anything but dead balls of rock / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hallucinogen eases depression, anxiety in cancer patients
Published Dec 3, 2016
In small study, psilocybin, the active compound in 'magic mushrooms,' increased life satisfaction among patients with life-threatening cancer / Johns Hopkins Medicine
Open letter
To Trump, from scientists
Published Dec 3, 2016
JHU's Agre, Greider join more than 2,300 scientists in urging new administration to respect 'scientific integrity and independence' / The Washington Post
Sports science
Signs of brain injuries seen in young NFL players
Published Dec 3, 2016
Findings add to mounting evidence of connection between concussions and the neurodegenerative disease CTE
Health care
Value in collaboration
Published Dec 3, 2016
JHU's Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare symposium brings together experts in biomedical engineering, computer science, health care
Faculty honors
Most cited researchers
Published Dec 3, 2016
13 Johns Hopkins scientists named to annual 'Thomson Reuters' list
Cell biology
Nerve growth protein also control blood sugar
Published Dec 3, 2016
Finding could lead to treatments for type-2 diabetes, which affects nearly 1 in 10 Americans
Immersive learning
Hooked on science
Published Dec 3, 2016 Video
Study finds that program that brings live fish into classrooms not only helps students learn, but improves their attitudes about science
Undergrad research
JHU team takes bronze
Published Dec 3, 2016
Students place third at Collegiate Inventors Competition with low-cost cryotherapy system to treat breast cancer
Heart Health
Going with the flow
Published Dec 3, 2016
Visualizing blood flow in the heart could help reduce the risk of stroke / Hopkins Medicine
The Hopkins brain trust
Published Dec 3, 2016
Interdisciplinary team aims to develop digital repository of brain data accessible to researchers worldwide