CLASS trip

Moving toward 'first light'

September 30, 2015
  |   Video
High-powered JHU telescope, designed to explore early universe, prepares to relocate to Chile
Interdisciplinary research

New brain study institute

October 1, 2015
Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute will bring together experts in neuroscience, engineering, data science / Hopkins Medicine
Water on Mars

Instrumental observation

September 28, 2015
  |   Video
Data from APL-built spectrometer show signatures of hydrated salts on present-day Mars
Stem cell research

Mysterious ways

October 8, 2015
Study sheds light on how stem cells are affected by their surroundings
Medhacks hackathon

Big ideas, little sleep

October 6, 2015
  |   Photos
Students spend weekend tackling medical challenges at first-ever MedHacks hackathon

Cancer warning signs

October 2, 2015
Hopkins study sheds light on earliest genetic signs of lung cancer development / Hopkins Medicine

JHU cosmologist honored

October 1, 2015
Alex Szalay receives IEEE Computer Society Sidney Fernbach Award

Extreme science scholars honored

October 1, 2015
Science, engineering partnership between Morgan State, Johns Hopkins grows
Big winners

Sisu takes top prize

September 30, 2015
Med-tech startup, recent DreamIt Health bootcamp participant wins $100,000 'Rise of the Rest' competition

Taylor wins Honda Prize

September 29, 2015
Medical robotics pioneer honored with prestigious Japanese award
Innovation collaboration

JHU, DuPont team up on Ebola protective suit

September 28, 2015
  |   Video
First of garments could be available in marketplace in first half of 2016
Top Tech

JHU startups vie for $100,000

September 24, 2015
Five Hopkins-affiliated tech startups among finalists in 'Rise of the Rest' pitch competition
Highway congestion

Clogs linked to ALS, dementia

September 23, 2015
Hopkins scientists successfully clear jammed cellular highways in lab tests using molecular therapy / Hopkins Medicine

JHU chemist honored

September 21, 2015
Marc Greenberg named Arthur C. Cope Scholar for his research on nucleic acids

Praise for 'Particle Fever'

September 21, 2015
David Kaplan, who produced acclaimed 2014 film, shares award from National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Sudden stops

How the brain abruptly halts a planned behavior

September 17, 2015
Johns Hopkins researcher team shows that these feats of self control happen when neurons in basal forebrain are silenced.

Ancient appetites

September 14, 2015
Research team led by JHU scientist finds that diet shift to grass-based foods was 400,000 years earlier than previously known
Surface shots

Pluto: It's complicated

September 11, 2015
  |   Photos
Latest images from New Horizons spacecraft reveal distant planet's varied, complex surface
Cognitive Psychology

That color? You're sure?

Fall 2015
Remembering an exact shade of a color is tough. A new study tells us why. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Moment of truth

New Horizons' epic voyage to Pluto

Fall 2015
Getting New Horizons to Pluto was a triumph. Now, after nearly 10 years and 3 billion miles, the spacecraft had to work. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Fossil hunter

Much more than a hobby

Fall 2015
Amateur fossil hunter Aaron Alford has earned the respect of paleontologists. If only he had more time and money. / Johns Hopkins Magazine

Learn to build Web applications

September 3, 2015
Ruby on Rails Web Development series, offered by Engineering for Professionals via Coursera, begins Sept. 15
'Rest' stop

Calling all entrepreneurs

September 2, 2015
  |   Video
AOL co-founder brings his startup funding tour to Baltimore on Sept. 28

Designed to save lives

August 27, 2015
  |   Video
Protective suit for Ebola caregivers lands JHU, Jhpiego among finalists in global design competition
ALS Research

Ice bucket boost

August 20, 2015
  |   Video
Funds generated by Ice Bucket Challenge help make breakthrough finding possible, researchers say / The Washington Post
Minor update

New program launches

August 19, 2015
The computational medicine minor focuses on quantitative approaches to understanding, treating disease
Mind tricks

Brain retrained

August 18, 2015
Researchers learn how visual cortex of blind children adapts to respond to spoken language, sound
Material world

Quest for better metal

August 14, 2015
Materials scientist aims to create super-strong, durable metallic glass