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Cognitive science
Knowing vs. remembering
Published June 22, 2016 Video
How an artist, former pilot with amnesia defies conventional wisdom about memory
Deep space
Did a gravitational wave detector find dark matter?
Published June 16, 2016
Johns Hopkins scientists offer hypothesis to solve long-standing mystery in physics
Numbers game
Published June 15, 2016 Video
Researchers find that a simple numbers game seems to make kids better at math

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Bacteria and cancer risk
Published June 29, 2016
Normal bacterial colonies in human body linked to presence of mouth and throat cancer / Hopkins Medicine
Protecting vital computer networks
Published June 29, 2016
Johns Hopkins scientists lead effort to avert disruption during cyber attack
Biomedical engineering
Back in the game
Published June 23, 2016 Video
Novel controller allows video gamers to compete with their feet
Ebola protection
Breathing easier
Published June 22, 2016
Mechanical engineering students develop prototypes for more comfortable hood and face mask, battery-powered system that lowers humidity
Cancer research
Kimmel Center joins research consortium
Published June 22, 2016
Four leading cancer centers aim to discover, develop new treatments with support from biopharmaceutical company Celgene
STEM education
Homewood field trip
Published June 16, 2016 Photos
Students from Barclay Elementary/Middle School visit Homewood campus for lab tour
Mental health
Hopkins psychiatry launches online resources
Published June 14, 2016, mADAP teen depression app aim to help educate the public
Space exploration
New stamps commemorate APL space missions
Published June 13, 2016
'New Horizons' and MESSENGER missions celebrated in new postage sets
Cancer research
Test shows how fast brain cancer will spread
Published June 9, 2016
Researchers develop 'cell racetrack' to determine which brain cancer cells move fastest, pose biggest risk of spreading / Hopkins Medicine
Hack job
Researchers bring down drones
Published June 8, 2016 Video
Grad students in security informatics program hack drones for capstone project, identify security weaknesses
Space Studies
Universe expanding faster than predicted
Published June 3, 2016
JHU Nobel laureate Adam Riess says findings could shed light on composition of the universe
Faculty honors
Biologist named finalist for award for young scientists
Published June 2, 2016
Xin Chen among 31 up for Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists
Driven to binge
Published May 31, 2016
Researchers locate what could be brain's trigger for binge behavior
Postdoc retreat
'Tell your story, not your data'
Published May 31, 2016
Retreat for postdoctoral fellows focuses on building successful careers in science
Bloomberg Professors
Michael Schatz named 21st BDP
Published May 26, 2016
He is one of the world's foremost experts in solving computational problems in genomics research
Fashioning a fit for heels
Published May 26, 2016
Student team tackles project that aims to meet demand among growing number of women veteran amputees
Collaborative research
A different kind of operation
Published May 25, 2016
Laboratory for neurosurgery, biomedical engineering sparks new partnerships
Neuroscience of fun
Lighten up, it's good for you
Published Summer 2016
Scientists explain the tricky, vague, and elusive neuroscience of fun / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Data diagnostics
Published May 23, 2016
Course challenges students to determine diagnoses, tailor health care without expensive testing
Berman Institute program wins $4M grant
Published May 23, 2016
Funding will support continued study of the complex implications of genomic research / Berman Institute of Bioethics
STEM solutions
A boost for Baltimore?
Published May 20, 2016
STEM education can help breathe life into city's economy, Daniels says at national leadership conference
Hopkins ends use of live animals in medical training
Published May 19, 2016
School of Medicine to end use of live animals for surgical training
Space exploration
First for CLASS
Published May 19, 2016 Video
High-powered telescope peering into origins of the universe receives 'first light'
Faculty honors
Biostatistician honored
Published May 16, 2016
Karen Bandeen-Roche recognized for influence on theory, practice of statistical science