Faculty honors

Four named AAAS fellows

November 23, 2015
Hemker, Matunis, Scott, Wendland among 347 new members elected

Why mathematics?

November 17, 2015
  |   Video
JHU mathematician Richard Brown on teaching, theory, and the value of math in a modern world
Brain games

Immersive rehabilitation for stroke victims

November 17, 2015
'Bandit's Shark Showdown' may change how stroke victim rebuild their motor skills / The New Yorker

Black hole seen devouring star

November 26, 2015
JHU scientist leads international team in observing black hole swallowing star, ejecting flare moving at nearly the speed of light

Plankton problems?

November 26, 2015
Study: Rapid growth in plankton population in North Atlantic could indicate significant climate change
In memoriam

'Inventor' of neurovirology

November 25, 2015
Richard T. Johnson, School of Medicine faculty member for nearly three decades, dies at 84
Brain on exercise

Strong body, strong mind?

November 19, 2015
Study shows exercise boosts enzyme levels, limits brain cell degeneration / Hopkins Medicine
Case study

Pediatric TB success

November 15, 2015
Doctors at Johns Hopkins Children Center successfully treat 5-year-old with drug-resistant tuberculosis / Johns Hopkins Medicine
SPHE conference

Engineers in training

November 13, 2015
Young engineers take part in design challenge at JHU as part of Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers national conference

Predicting kidney failure risk

November 6, 2015
Online tool could help doctors identify best donor candidates / School of Public Health
Not so rare?

Deep-Earth diamond find

November 4, 2015
JHU scientists develop new theory about simpler diamond formation
Check, please

Dine, divide, and dash

November 2, 2015
Full Society app, founded by Hopkins MBA student, allows groups to easily split check, factor tip
Social innovation lab

Seed funding for startups

October 30, 2015
JHU early-stage incubator to support 10 business, technology ventures
Brain training

How Pavlov's bell makes dogs drool

October 26, 2015
Research team studies mouse brain cells to understand relationship between stimuli, delayed rewards
In memoriam

'Master of trajectory design'

October 22, 2015
  |   Video
Robert Farquhar, a 50-year veteran of deep space missions, worked at APL for 16 years

Senior gets math honor

October 22, 2015
Kiyon Hahm one of seven student nationwide to receive Waldemar J. Trjitzinsky Memorial Award from American Mathematical Society
Tiny dancers

Giant leap for robotics?

October 20, 2015
  |   Video
Researchers study spider crickets' aerial acrobatics in hopes of building better robots
'Gene hunter'

Cancer researcher honored

October 20, 2015
Kenneth Kinzler among 80 new members elected to National Academy of Medicine / Hopkins Medicine

'Amazing' opportunities

October 19, 2015
SPUR program gives JHU engineering students unique research opportunities at Applied Physics Lab
Health IT

Smart medicine

October 19, 2015
Hopkins Medicine, Microsoft partner to connect medical devices (and the data they generate) in effort to reduce preventable harm
Play day

Intro to science, medicine

October 16, 2015
Seventh-graders learn about DNA, diseases at Montgomery County life sciences event

BME scholar recognized

October 15, 2015
Doctoral candidate Kunal Parikh receives Roche/ARCS Scholar Award
Health watch

EpiWatch aids epilepsy study

October 15, 2015
  |   Video
Apple Watch app could help researchers develop new methods for monitoring, managing the disorder
Test flight

Genomics at zero gravity

October 14, 2015
JHU researchers gather first evidence that genetic sequencing can be done in space / Nature
Technology venture

JHU vaccine technology could help treat allergies

October 13, 2015
  |   Video
University receives portion of $300M deal between Immunomic Therapeutics, Astellas Pharma
Inspiring inventions

Finalists times two

October 12, 2015
Two JHU teams named finalists in 2015 Collegiate Inventors Competition
Nothing but blue skies

Blue haze, red ice on Pluto

October 9, 2015
Color photographs from 'New Horizons' yield clues to composition of planet's atmosphere
Stem cell research

Mysterious ways

October 8, 2015
Study sheds light on how stem cells are affected by their surroundings