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Law enforcement
Broken trust
Published Oct 24, 2016
Reducing crime doesn't give public more faith in police, Yale law school expert says
Issue in focus
Armed America
Published Oct 24, 2016
Facts, figures, and an up-close look at the gun reform debate
Foreign policy
Teaching the 'practice of statecraft'
Published Oct 24, 2016
Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs will serve as focal point for scholarship, public debate on international affairs and policy

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MSE Symposium
Becoming 'unerased'
Published Oct 24, 2016
Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson discusses police brutality, the power of social media, and the changing face of activism
Women of Hopkins
A tribute to trailblazers
Published Oct 24, 2016
New Mattin Center exhibit celebrates accomplishments of the Hopkins women who helped change the world
Issue in focus
Firearms and domestic violence
Published Oct 24, 2016
A look at what protections are in place to keep domestic abusers from getting guns, the most common weapon used in intimate partner homicides
Health policy
What's a single-payer plan?
Published Oct 24, 2016
SPH experts explain health insurance alternative mentioned during presidential debate
Design thinking
Problem-solving, outside the box
Published Oct 24, 2016
Design thinking challenges practitioners to find innovative solutions by zeroing in on a problem's root causes
20 years after ACHRE
Published Oct 24, 2016
Symposium explores ethical fallout of government-sponsored radiation experiments conducted on unsuspecting citizens
Faculty honors
Historian wins book award
Published Oct 24, 2016
N.D.B. Connolly receives Bennett H. Wall Award from Southern Historical Association
MSE Symposium
Bernie Sanders to speak at Homewood campus
Published Oct 24, 2016
U.S. Senator, former presidential candidate to visit Nov. 17 as part of MSE Symposium
Coleman Report at 50
An enduring legacy
Published Oct 24, 2016
JHU to welcome leaders, policymakers for conference marking 50th anniversary of study that changed the conversation on education equality
What D.C. insiders think of the American public
Published Oct 24, 2016
Government bureaucrats tend to believe citizens know 'very little' about key issues, JHU political scientists write
Business ethics
Stockholder or stakeholder?
Published Oct 24, 2016
Evaluators tend to favor financial performance over contributions to corporate ethics, study suggests
Race in America
Panelists to discuss black social justice movements
Published Oct 24, 2016
Sept. 27 event features experts on African-American history, social activism, political organizing
Urban renewal
Cities working for change
Published Oct 24, 2016
21st Century Neighborhoods symposium draws mayors, other leaders to Baltimore to share ideas on 'lifting up distressed communities'
The high cost of for-profit schools
Published Oct 24, 2016
For-profit trade schools leave disadvantaged students with more debt, fewer job opportunities than nonprofit schools, study finds