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Health care
Hidden costs and 'surprise' bills
Published Jan 23, 2017
Study: Medical costs for some specialists and in certain regions of U.S. are up to six times higher than what Medicare pays
Humanities Center won't be closed
Published Jan 23, 2017
Committee recommends three possible paths forward for 50-year-old academic center
Trump report a 'deliberate Russian provocation'
Published Jan 23, 2017
SAIS fellow David Satter, has been writing about Russia for four decades, says dossier meant to disrupt U.S. politics / The National Review
Public health
Scholarship opportunity for displaced Syrians
Published Jan 23, 2017
Center for Humanitarian Health will provide two displaced students full scholarships to Bloomberg School's Master of Public Health program
Barbara Mikulski joins faculty
Published Jan 23, 2017
Five-term U.S. senator who spent four decades in Congress named professor of public policy, presidential adviser