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An avoidable collapse?
Published July 24, 2016
Economist Laurence Ball's research suggests Fed could have prevented 2008 Lehman Brothers failure / The New York Times
Carriage before marriage
Unmarried with children
Published July 24, 2016
A lack of middle-income jobs may drive more young people to have children before getting married, study finds
Aspen Ideas Festival
Daniels: Regulation, politics 'hobbling' U.S. public universities
Published July 24, 2016
President also discusses declines in research funding, Baltimore's trajectory during 55-minute talk

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Fallout of a failed coup
Published July 24, 2016
SAIS Middle East expert says events could strain U.S.-Turkey relations, pave Erdogan's path to more power / The LobeLog
Environmental health
Fracking and asthma
Published July 24, 2016
Study: Proximity to active unconventional natural gas wells increases likelihood of asthma attacks
Urban farming
New fishy business plan
Published July 24, 2016
JHU's aquaponics testing ground gives way to urban teaching farm
21st Century Cities
Training in place
Published July 24, 2016
Federal employees learn how to tailor government resources to the needs of cities
Study: HIV epidemic continues for men who have sex with men
Published July 24, 2016
Lack of access to preventive medicine, discriminatory laws contribute to disproportionately high HIV burden / School of Public Health
Income and voting
Published July 24, 2016
SAIS's Pavithra Suryanarayan wins international award for study of voting disparities / School of Advanced International Studies
Parental guidance
Published July 24, 2016
Parenting program helps Baltimore families improve outcomes for their children
Foreign policy experts weigh in on Brexit vote
Published July 24, 2016
Political upheaval of this scale has not occurred since the end of World War II, one expert says
Nanjing Center
Milestone anniversary
Published July 24, 2016
Hopkins-Nanjing Center marks 30 years of 'improbable' academic, cultural partnership
Consumer behavior
Quantifying the 'cool factor'
Published July 24, 2016
Computational model measures consumer choices in terms not only of price and usefulness, but also network effects
30 years at the forefront
Published July 24, 2016
Trailblazing Hopkins-Nanjing Center celebrates anniversary
Responding to Orlando
Published July 24, 2016
Hopkins community grapples with shootings at Pulse nightclub, seeks healing
Jeffrey P. Kahn to direct Berman Institute
Published July 24, 2016
He replaces Ruth Faden, the institute's founding director who spent 20 years in the role
Fight the bite
Mosquito misgivings
Published July 24, 2016
Florida residents oppose use of genetically modified mosquitoes to curb population