A quick look at the Johns Hopkins University Class of 2018

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Members of the Johns Hopkins University Class of 2018—all 1,418 of them—will begin arriving on campus later Friday. Among them are:

  • A flying trapeze artist
  • A finalist in Delaware's Young Playwrights Festival three years running
  • A former contestant on "The Biggest Loser" who's now dedicated to fighting obesity
  • The creator of an app for cancer patients
  • A professional skateboarder who writes a food blog
  • The teacher of a free robotics course for special needs students

Here's a quick look at the newest JHU students.

  • Total freshman enrollment: 1,418
  • Number of freshman applicants: 23,877
  • Number of freshmen admitted: 3,587
  • Percent Male: 51
  • Percent Female: 49
  • Middle 50th percent SAT I combined score: 2120-2310
  • Mean unweighted academic GPA: 3.88

Among the class of 2018 are 14 Baltimore Scholars, graduates of Baltimore City public schools accepted into the university's undergraduate programs who receive full-tuition scholarships.

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