A look back at JHU Spring Fair 2013

Hub staff report / April 15, 2013 Posted in University News, Student Life Tagged spring fair

Video: Spring Fair 2013
Spring Fair 2013
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Spring Fair 2013

Let's get this party started

April 12, 2013
  |   Photos
Spring Fair begins with kickoff party featuring fireworks, dancing, and a mechanical shark

A Friday that started with gray skies and rain gave way to a warm weekend of perfect spring weather for the 42nd annual Johns Hopkins Spring Fair on the Homewood campus.

Thousands attended the annual event to listen to live music, visit the arts and crafts vendors, and stop by the food court, where funnel cakes, alligator bites, turkey legs, and fried Oreos were among the favorites.

Spring Fair, which began in 1972 as "3400 on Stage," is the largest student-run fair in the country.

The Baltimore Sun featured coverage of Saturday's Red Bull Chariot Races and published a few photos early Monday.

See more #springfair photos at Hub/Pix

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