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The great, gregarious outdoors
Published Summer 2018
Members of the Johns Hopkins Outdoor Explorations Affinity Group share tips for making the most of a hiking expedition / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Stories in past tense
Published Summer 2018
Narrative is a powerful way to present historical information. Historian Nathan Connolly discusses why it works, and when it doesn't. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Just a teacher
Published Summer 2018
Teachers inspire, lead, coach, listen, empathize—just like entrepreneurs / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Published Summer 2018
President Daniels discusses Hopkins' commitment to the biomedical workforce / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Alexis Ohanian on innovation and entrepreneurship
Published Aug 20, 2018
Reddit co-founder discusses his rise to internet stardom and the advice he gets from wife Serena Williams
Race in America
Beyond 'I Have a Dream'
Published Aug 20, 2018
Friends of Martin Luther King Jr. reflect on his 'Drum Major Instinct' sermon of 1968
A tale of medical underdogs
Published Aug 20, 2018
New memoir by JHU writer-in-residence reflects on his younger brother's cancer diagnosis and the doctors who transformed the treatment of childhood leukemia
Hopkins history
'A time of great pain'
Published Aug 20, 2018
JHU's Homewood campus was largely insulated from the unrest following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, but many on campus were moved to action
A lack of 'science' in forensic science
Published Aug 20, 2018
Many forensic methods commonly used in criminal cases have never been scientifically validated and may lead to unjust verdicts, experts say