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Racial justice
The 'paper-rock-scissors' view of Charlottesville
Published Sept 21, 2017
In commentary, historian N.D.B. Connolly puts America's legacy of white supremacy into context of childhood game / The Washington Post
'Mockery, spin, and manipulation'
Published Sept 21, 2017
Trump's Boy Scout speech was a missed opportunity to inspire young people, SAIS practitioner-in-residence writes / The Washington Post
Over-the-counter, underregulated
Published Sept 21, 2017
FDA creates risks with insufficient regulation of potentially harmful nonprescription meds, public health expert says / Politico
Media literacy
Confronting the real problem of fake news
Published Sept 21, 2017
NPR broadcaster, digital media strategist tackle media literacy in Johns Hopkins webinar
Horsepox synthesis raises questions for science
Published Sept 21, 2017
Director of JHU's Center for Health Security discusses the implications of this ominous research breakthrough
Prime produce, delivered?
Published Sept 21, 2017
With Whole Foods acquisition, Amazon could 'change the grocery shopping experience forever'
Fidget spinner fact and fiction
Published Sept 21, 2017
Claims that devices help kids with ADD, autism are nothing more than 'smart marketing,' Hopkins doctor says
Aging in place, safely
Published Sept 21, 2017
For older adults, blood pressure or diabetes are not priorities compared to being able to move around, sleep well, prepare food, and be free of pain
Coming home to Syria
Published Summer 2017
In excerpts from her new memoir, 'The Home That Was Our Country,' alum Alia Malek recounts her return to Syria in 2011—when the country began its spiral into civil war / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Sit rep
Published Summer 2017
A deep-dive into Eliot Cohen's 'thoughtful, carefully reasoned' book, 'The Big Stick' / Johns Hopkins Magazine