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Emily Ladau on disability, ableism, and being proud of who you are
Published July 21, 2022
The author and activist spoke at Johns Hopkins as part of Disability Pride month
Environmental scientist responds to SCOTUS ruling on the Clean Air Act
Published July 20, 2022
Benjamin Link, ROSEI managing director, discusses the political fallout from 'West Virginia v. EPA,' which limits the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to regulate power plant emissions
Omicron update: The summer of subvariants
Published July 19, 2022
With five versions of omicron circulating, vaccines are working against severe disease, not against infection. Virologist Andy Pekosz tells us what to expect this summer and beyond.
Data security
Deleting your period tracker won't keep your health data private
Published July 11, 2022
Information security expert Anton Dahbura says 'anonymous mode' and other attempts to protect user health data may lure people into a false sense of security in the post-Roe world
Preventing gun violence
How red flag laws reduce risks of gun violence
Published July 11, 2022
Extreme risk protection orders, also called red flag laws, are a way to temporarily restrict access to firearms during high risk situations. Here's how they work.
Magazine brings literary style to philosophical writings
Published July 7, 2022
'The Raven' magazine, launched by Hopkins philosopher David Velleman, seeks to return philosophical essays to the realm of the creative
Donna Shalala reflects on a career of health care leadership
Published July 5, 2022
The former Health and Human Services secretary joined the Johns Hopkins Health Policy Forum for a discussion of her decades of leadership in health care policy
Inside the 'Dobbs' decision
Published July 1, 2022
Health law and policy expert Joanne Rosen discusses the Supreme Court decision that overturned 'Roe' and 'Casey' and ushered in a new era of reproductive rights in the United States
After Roe falls
Published June 21, 2022
Johns Hopkins experts discuss a future without the safeguards outlined in 'Roe v. Wade'
FDA authorizes COVID-19 vaccines for children under 5 years old. What's next?
Published June 16, 2022
Vaccine expert Ruth Karron discusses the authorization of COVID-19 vaccines for those under 5 years old, and what's likely to happen with the authorization over the next few weeks