COVID-19 information and resources for JHU


Key lessons for organizations responding to COVID-19
Published March 20, 2020
Kathleen Sutcliffe, an expert in organization theory, gives low marks to public and private entities for how they've responded to the coronavirus outbreak
Oh, the humanity
Published March 19, 2020
Why are people hoarding toilet paper during the coronavirus outbreak? It takes restraint to resist our instincts in the face of social dilemmas, JHU professor says.
A message from JHU President Ronald J. Daniels
Published Spring 2020
A message from JHU President Ronald J. Daniels / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A life in revision
Published Spring 2020
When exceptionalism is the goal, what happens to those of us who fear they are ordinary? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Joshua Scharfstein on Reddit
Published March 17, 2020
Josh Sharfstein, former Baltimore City health commissioner, discusses social distancing, hand-washing, and the importance of helping those who are at high risk
Recession appears 'inevitable' amid COVID-19 crisis
Published March 16, 2020
Alessandro Rebucci, an expert in macroeconomics and financial institutions at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, says the shock to the economy caused by coronavirus poses formidable challenges
Protecting food security during a pandemic
Published March 13, 2020
The government should expand access to food programs and guarantee sick leave, write Roni Neff and Erin Biehl of the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future / The Hill
Serum stopgap could slow COVID-19 spread
Published March 13, 2020
Infusions of antibody-laden blood have been used with reported success in prior outbreaks, including the SARS epidemic and the 1918 flu pandemic
Could a serum prevent COVID-19?
Published March 3, 2020
Infectious disease expert Arturo Casadevall looks to a forgotten case study for ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus / The Wall Street Journal
First-year dean shares his vision for Carey Business School
Published Feb 26, 2020
A wide-ranging conversation with Alexander Triantis, who joined Johns Hopkins in August, about changes to the curriculum and career services at the school