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Follow the money
Published Summer 2018
'Hollywood Math and Aftermath' is an original and illuminating exploration of commercial film and television production / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The great, gregarious outdoors
Published Summer 2018
Members of the Johns Hopkins Outdoor Explorations Affinity Group share tips for making the most of a hiking expedition / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Stories in past tense
Published Summer 2018
Narrative is a powerful way to present historical information. Historian Nathan Connolly discusses why it works, and when it doesn't. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Just a teacher
Published Summer 2018
Teachers inspire, lead, coach, listen, empathize—just like entrepreneurs / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Published Summer 2018
President Daniels discusses Hopkins' commitment to the biomedical workforce / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Alexis Ohanian on innovation and entrepreneurship
Published April 30, 2018
Reddit co-founder discusses his rise to internet stardom and the advice he gets from wife Serena Williams
Race in America
Beyond 'I Have a Dream'
Published April 27, 2018
Friends of Martin Luther King Jr. reflect on his 'Drum Major Instinct' sermon of 1968