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Magazine brings literary style to philosophical writings
Published July 7, 2022
'The Raven' magazine, launched by Hopkins philosopher David Velleman, seeks to return philosophical essays to the realm of the creative
Alumni spotlight
Sharing his love for storytelling
Published June 8, 2022
Krieger School alum Lionel Foster created the Baldwin Prize to spark a new generation of young writers at his high school alma mater, Baltimore City College
Black beyond data
Published June 2, 2022
Historian Jessica Marie Johnson leads several teams tapping into the power of datasets to uncover new truths about Black history
Anna Deavere Smith speaks to the beauty of Baltimore
Published May 17, 2022
In a lecture hosted by Billie Holiday Center, Baltimore-born dramatist Smith described a light that comes from the city and its people, even amidst ongoing societal struggles
Elijah Cummings portrait honors 'devoted son of Baltimore'
Published April 28, 2022
Painting of the late congressman, created by Baltimore artist Christopher Batten, will hang in the university's MSE Library
A pioneer at the podium
Published Spring 2022
A new documentary directed by JHU Professor of Media Studies Bernadette Wegenstein explores the many firsts of conductor Marin Alsop / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The tell-tale A
Published Spring 2022
Sheet music signed "E.A. Poe" found in the Sheridan Libraries' Special Collections could change what we know about the famous poet. But is it a forgery? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Of paws and pelts
Published Spring 2022
Alum Joya Griffin brings pet dermatology to the television screen / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Unlocking 'Ulysses'
Published Spring 2022
Learning to love James Joyce's 100-year-old masterpiece that most of us never begin, let alone finish / Johns Hopkins Magazine
JHU's pep band turns 100
Published Spring 2022
A look back at the persistently pesky music troupe / Johns Hopkins Magazine