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Sounds of the '60s
Published Winter 2021
Peabody alum Jacob Yoffee co-composes the score for the new Wonder Years reboot / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Ghosts of Cuba
Published Winter 2021
In Escape from Castro's Cuba, author Tim Wendel revisits Cuba and a cast of familiar characters / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Creature comfort
Published Winter 2021
Behind the scenes of Hollywood's biggest movies and TV shows, Johns Hopkins alum Thomas Edling helps ensure the safety and humane treatment of all on-set animals. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
University history
Honoring the humanity of enslaved people at Homewood
Published Jan 21, 2022
Today's Ritual of Remembrance honors the legacies of those who lived and labored on the land where the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University now sits
Portrait honors Elijah Cummings' enduring legacy
Published Jan 20, 2022
Elijah Cummings, longtime congressman from Baltimore who received an honorary degree in 2015 and died in 2019, held the national stage while maintaining steadfast support for his city
Sounds of the '60s
Published Dec 10, 2021
Peabody alum Jacob Yoffee co-composes the score for the new Wonder Years reboot
The science of the sound of music
Published Dec 7, 2021
Engineering students teach acoustics course at Peabody, opening a new avenue for scientific and musical collaboration
Under Matthew Pavesich, Krieger offers expanded writing instruction
Published Nov 19, 2021
The new Expository Writing Program director leads an effort to provide writing classes to each first-year student and to integrate writing into all Arts and Sciences majors
Lives lost to hostile terrain
Published Nov 15, 2021 Photos
The 3,200 toe tags of the Hostile Terrain 94 art instillation aim to "rehumanize" migrants who have died while crossing the Sonoran Desert
Peabody to honor Leon Fleisher during memorial event on Nov. 7
Published Oct 22, 2021
Fleisher, who taught piano at Peabody for more than six decades, died in August 2020 at 92