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World war ii

Battle of the airwaves
Published Spring 2024
How to Win an Information War, authored by SNF Agora Institute senior fellow Peter Pomerantsev, chronicles the life of WWII-era propagandist Sefton Delmer / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Friends for Life
Making up for lost time
Published Winter 2021
After serving in WWII, Paul Hessemer and Bud Holecheck became friends as Homewood undergrads. Recently the two members of the Class of 1949 reunited for the first time in more than 70 years to catch up and discuss their shared wartime history. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Book Review
Sound politics
Published Spring 2019
Mark Christian Thompson investigates the history of jazz music in the Weimar era / Johns Hopkins Magazine
War & Murder
Published Fall 2015
Historical fiction with a reporter's attention to detail / Johns Hopkins Magazine
From ashes to amity
Published Summer 2015
After World War II, Germany faced the need to reconcile with its enemies. Other nations could learn from how it did so. / Johns Hopkins Magazine