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Webb telescope reveals asteroid collision in neighboring star system
Published June 10, 2024
The observations spotlight the volatile processes that shape star systems like our own, offering a unique glimpse into the primordial stages of planetary formation
Space exploration
JWST zooms in on 19 nearby spiral galaxies
Published Jan 29, 2024
Hopkins research scientist David Thilker explains how studying this treasure trove of images can help shed light on the star formation process
Space exploration
Supernovae are important source of dust for young galaxies
Published July 12, 2023
James Webb Space Telescope detects large amounts of dust in the aftermath of the explosive deaths of distant stars
Space exploration
JWST detects distant exoplanet
Published Jan 11, 2023
Using NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, a team led by researchers at Johns Hopkins APL confirmed the discovery of an exoplanet orbiting a red dwarf star roughly 41 light-years away
Mapping the universe's origin story
Published Fall 2021
The long-awaited James Webb Space Telescope, which launches in December, will help astronomers understand the birth, evolution, and future of our universe / Johns Hopkins Magazine