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Tax policy

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Who would benefit from the bipartisan tax bill?
Published Feb 2, 2024
If passed, a new tax package would convey the most significant benefits to low-income families, Hopkins economist Robert Moffitt explains
Grad students talk tax bill with Sen. Cardin
Published Dec 19, 2017
Four Hopkins graduate students take part in roundtable discussion
Hopkins leaders assess impact of final tax bill
Published Dec 18, 2017
Legislation, which is expected to be signed into law this week, preserves key existing tax exemptions for students
Hopkins leaders push for changes to tax bills
Published Nov 30, 2017
Proposed measures would negatively affect college affordability, increase tax burden for students and Johns Hopkins employees, Daniels and Rothman say
Safety net loss?
Study: Tax prep chains target low-income filers
Published April 14, 2016
Researchers find 'clear relationship' between Earned Income Tax Credit filers in a ZIP code and area's saturation of tax preparation chains
A tax on being poor
Published March 11, 2013
JHU sociologist Katherine Newman examines regional disparities in how Americans are taxed / The New York Times
Culture of giving
Published Jan 2, 2013
We must resist temptation to balance budget on backs of nonprofits, Daniels writes / The Baltimore Sun
Why compromise?
Published Dec 7, 2012
In fiscal cliff standoff, meeting in the middle will leave both sides feeling unsatisfied, Carey Business School professor writer / The Baltimore Sun