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Who would benefit from the bipartisan tax bill?
Published Feb 2, 2024
If passed, a new tax package would convey the most significant benefits to low-income families, Hopkins economist Robert Moffitt explains
New measurement suggests U.S. undercounts people in poverty
Published March 25, 2022
The Supplemental Expenditure Poverty Measure combines spending data with living costs such as credit card debt and health care deductibles
Why the child tax credit matters
Published Nov 8, 2021
Economist and congressional adviser Robert Moffitt discusses how the American Rescue Plan's monthly allowance is lifting children out of poverty, cutting food insecurity, and investing in children as a society
The evolution of aid
Welfare spending ups, downs
Published May 7, 2014
Research shows support increasingly goes to go to those who work, are married, have kids
Safety net weathers recession
Published Nov 19, 2013
U.S. aid programs expanded by half a trillion dollars to help Americans during recession, research shows