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Congressional briefing
Studying the healing power of psychedelics
Published Nov 21, 2023
JHU Congressional Briefing panelists explain how the controlled substances could transform mental health treatment
In memoriam
Psychedelics pioneer Roland Griffiths dies at 77
Published Oct 18, 2023
His work with psychedelic and mood-altering drugs generated immense scientific interest, helped patients diagnosed with depression and addiction
A master key
Published Fall 2023
Psychedelic drugs can reopen critical periods of brain development / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Psychedelic drugs reopen 'critical periods' for social learning
Published June 14, 2023
Johns Hopkins scientists say the findings in mice offer a new explanation for how psychedelic drugs work
Preparing for a new era of psychedelic treatment
Published Fall 2022
Johns Hopkins joins multi-university project to develop fellowships and training programs in psychedelic therapy / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Psilocybin treatment for major depression effective for up to a year for most patients, study shows
Published Feb 16, 2022
Patients receiving combined treatment of psilocybin and psychotherapy report experiencing longterm benefits of decreased depressive symptoms
Hopkins gets first NIH grant in 50 years for psychedelic treatment research
Published Oct 20, 2021
The nearly $4 million NIH grant will fund a multisite study of the effects of "magic mushrooms" and talk therapy on quitting smoking
Breathwork to treat PTSD
Published Fall 2021
An upcoming, first-of-its kind study hopes to prove that Holotropic Breathwork therapy can treat PTSD in veterans / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The path forward for legal medical mushrooms
Published Dec 2, 2020
Johns Hopkins researcher Matthew Johnson discusses the future for psychedelics research in light of Oregon's measure to legalize psilocybin for clinical use
Inside a psilocybin playlist
Published Nov 11, 2020
Researchers rely on this carefully selected classical and contemporary music playlist to enhance the psychedelic experience for their patients during psilocybin studies