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Digital innovation
Thought exercise
Published Feb 26, 2016 Video
Man moves individual fingers on prosthetic arm using only his mind
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APL among world's most innovative companies
Published Feb 23, 2016
'Fast Company' magazine recognizes organization for its revolutionary prosthetics
Mobile upgrade
'A really big jump' for prosthetics
Published Jan 12, 2016 Video
Titanium implant unlocks new levels of operability for prosthetic limb
APL eyes retinal prosthesis
Published March-April 2015
$4M will fund development of next-generation glasses with embedded vision-, eye-tracking sensors / Gazette
Mind control
Amputee makes history
Published Dec 17, 2014 Video
Man who lost both arms 40 years ago operates APL-designed system simply by thinking about moving his limbs
A new hand for a teacher
Published Nov 21, 2014
Using a 3-D printer, Albert Chi created a prosthetic hand for a teacher after receiving heartfelt letters from her former students
Mind control
Published Jan 2, 2013
Technology developed by at Applied Physics Laboratory connects robotic limb to human brain
Virtual marvel
Published Dec 17, 2012
Thought-controlled prosthetic developed at APL capable of nearly matching dexterity of flesh and bone / The Baltimore Sun
A work of art
Published Sept 2012
Michael McLoughlin of the Applied Physics Laboratory talks about a neurally controlled prosthetic limb developed by an APL-led team / Gazette