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The Kerner Report at 50
'Why have we not made more progress?'
Published March 20, 2018
President Daniels delivers remarks at event marking 50th anniversary of release of landmark report on racism, inequality in America
President's Frontier Award
Crews wins $250K prize
Published March 20, 2018 Video
Hopkins Medicine researcher studies causes, effects, health disparities associated with chronic kidney disease
Knee-capping university research
Published March 20, 2018
Daniels: Proposed cap on reimbursement of indirect research costs would deal 'staggering blow to the nation's vital interest'
World Academic Summit
Daniels talks about relationship between Hopkins and Baltimore
Published March 20, 2018
President was among select group of university leaders to present at London event earlier this month
JHU reaffirms support after DACA decision
Published March 20, 2018
President, provost send message in wake of news that program that protects certain undocumented immigrants will be rescinded
President's message
Published Fall 2017
What will be the state of our institutions in 2,500 years? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Commencement 2017
Daniels: 'Embrace this world, in its vastness and its particularity'
Published March 20, 2018 Video
Video and full text of President Daniels' remarks at JHU's 2017 commencement
Daniels: 'Tremendous strides' toward shared goals
Published March 20, 2018
Second 'Ten by Twenty' Progress Report features snapshots of programs, initiatives, investments undertaken over the past two years
Daniels, Rosen create $1M financial aid endowment
Published March 20, 2018
Daniels-Rosen First Generation Scholars Fund expected to meet financial need of four undergraduate students each year
College presidents to Trump: 'Rectify or rescind' ban
Published March 20, 2018
President Daniels joins 47 other college presidents in signing letter urging action on immigration ban