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New strategic vision charts ambitious path for university's collective future

The Ten for One consists of 10 goals spanning the full range of Johns Hopkins University's activities, from discovery and translation, to education and community partnerships

Johns Hopkins University unveiled the final version of its new strategic vision today, a broad and bold reimagination of the university's aspirations, its pursuit of purpose, and its support of people—some of which is already being set in motion.

The Ten for One is a set of 10 strategic goals, shaped by feedback from the members of the Hopkins academic community and our neighbors and partners across Baltimore and beyond, that will guide Johns Hopkins through the university's 150th anniversary in 2026 and to the end of the decade.

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The new strategic framework sets out 10 ambitious new goals for Johns Hopkins University through the end of the decade

The final document, approved by JHU's board of trustees in June, reflects feedback received after a draft version was shared with the university community in April. The strategic plan was informed by ideas and feedback shared in 65 listening sessions JHU President Ron Daniels conducted with more than 1,200 students, faculty, staff, and community partners.

The goals are grouped into four overarching categories—One University, Individual and Collective Excellence, Knowledge and Impact, and Community Partnership and Economic Opportunity. They span the full spectrum of university activities, including major investments in the faculty, staff, and student experiences; diversity, equity, inclusion, and pluralism; and research and teaching in fields that will shape the future of our society and the world.

"These goals touch every part of the university and every member of our community: From an invigoration of our physical spaces and on-campus community, to a transformation of graduate training," Daniels wrote in a message to the Hopkins community today. "From a deepening of our commitment to diversity and dialogue, to building the leading academic hub for data science and application. From becoming a national employer of choice that offers robust pathways for our staff and their families, to expanding the ways in which we inform policy for the benefit of the nation and the world, to deepening our collaborations with neighbors and partners and creating economic opportunity for our city and its citizens."

The Ten for One builds on the success of the university's previous strategic plan, the Ten by Twenty, launched in 2013 to steer the institution through 2020. The Ten by Twenty introduced the One University concept, the idea that the university is stronger and has greater impact when individuals work together toward shared goals.

In the past few months, Johns Hopkins has made major announcements that represent the first steps toward realizing some of the ambitions detailed in the strategic plan. This includes a significant investment to harness the rapidly emerging potential of data science and artificial intelligence and their applications, to fuel discovery in a range of critical and emerging fields across the university. It also includes the construction of state-of-the-art facilities for the biomedical and life sciences, and the opening of the university's new home in Washington, D.C., just steps from the U.S. Capitol, among other related activities and announcements.

"You will hear more in the coming months about what lies ahead and how you can continue to be involved," Daniels wrote. "Until then, thank you for all you do in continuing to our collective future."

The goals in the Ten for One are:

One University

  1. Invigorate the sense of community and shared on-campus experience that are the essence of our university.

  2. Embark on an ambitious series of major cross-university initiatives that build on our achievements as One University and lower the barriers to collaboration, so our faculty, students, and staff can pursue their ideas wherever those ideas may take them.

  3. Deepen our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and to fostering a culture of free expression and reasoned dialogue around challenging ideas, so that we model the best of a pluralistic society.

Individual and Collective Excellence

  1. Retain, recruit, and inspire the very best faculty in the world by ensuring that we have competitive resources, state-of-the-art facilities, and outstanding support services that nurture research, creativity, and teaching at the vanguard of each field of inquiry.

  2. Honor our legacy as the nation's first research university by developing ambitious reforms so that every graduate student and postdoctoral fellow receives an innovative and rigorous experience tailored to their career aspirations.

  3. Create the preeminent undergraduate experience in a global research-intensive university by nurturing a learning environment that connects students with our leading faculty and research programs; provides unrivaled mentorship, immersive experiences, and life design; and offers a culture of engagement, community, and belonging that ensures our students can thrive individually and collectively.

  4. Become a national employer of choice that recognizes the vital role of staff in the institution and offers robust pathways to professional and personal advancement for themselves and their families.

Knowledge and Impact

  1. Create the leading academic hub for data science and artificial intelligence to drive research and teaching in every corner of the university and magnify our impact in every corner of the world.

  2. Develop new pathways to help us translate our cutting-edge research into meaningful policy ideas and become the preeminent source of academic expertise for evidence-based policymaking in service to the nation and the world.

Community partnerships and economic opportunity

  1. Deepen the partnerships and programs that support the aspirations of our neighbors and generate economic opportunity for the city of Baltimore and the other communities of which we are a part.