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Palliative care

Training resource aims to bring comfort to chronically ill pediatric patients
Published Nov 13, 2014
New curriculum shows health care workers how to incorporate palliative care principles into long-term care regimen
Rethinking how we die
Published March 6, 2014
Johns Hopkins quality of care expert Peter Pronovost discusses end-of-life care, costs / The Wall Street Journal
Addressing the nature of suffering
Published Winter 2013
Palliative care addresses what curative treatment may not: pain, anxiety, and the reluctance to talk about dying. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A better way to die
Published March 11, 2013
Researchers look for ways to improve end-of-life care / Johns Hopkins Public Health magazine
Death, honestly
Published Oct 25, 2012
In New England Journal of Medicine editorial, School of Medicine professor says we all benefit from more honest conversations about death / New England Journal of Medicine
Comfort zones
Published Oct 24, 2012
Palliative care advocates push hospice strategies upstream to aid patients throughout course of serious illness / Hopkins Medicine