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Olympic spirit: Two from Hopkins compete in Winter Games
Published Feb 3, 2022
Cross country skier Caitlin Patterson and speed skater Emery Lehman, both graduate students in the Engineering for Professionals program, will join Team U.S.A. in Beijing
The Games go on, but without fans. Will athletes' performance suffer?
Published July 22, 2021
Vikram Chib, whose research focuses on the brain processes behind motivation and incentive and how they relate to motor actions, discusses what to expect from participants in the Tokyo Olympics
Scoring at the Olympics
Published Feb 9, 2018
Peabody alum Byeong Woo Lee composes music for PyeongChang Winter Olympics opening ceremony
Mind of a Medalist
Performance under pressure
Published Feb 8, 2018 Video
Why do some athletes choke under pressure? The answer lies deep in the brain
Mind of a medalist
Spinning for the win
Published Feb 7, 2018 Video
Through years of practice, elite athletes train their brains so they can stay on balance after elaborate maneuvers
Mind of a medalist
Quick thinking
Published Feb 6, 2018 Video
For Olympic athletes, world-class brain power often separates the best from the rest
Rio Olympics
North Korea's 'sports diplomacy'
Published Aug 16, 2016
SAIS visiting scholar on the fate of North Korean Olympians who return home without medals / BBC News
Rio Olympics
Former Blue Jays swim with the big fish
Published July 28, 2016
Ana Bogdanovski and Pilar Shimizu will represent their countries at the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil