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In memoriam
School counseling expert Vivian Lee dies at 62
Published May 22, 2020
School of Education associate professor remembered by students, colleagues as a guiding force for international social justice
In memoriam
Reproductive health expert Laurie Schwab Zabin dies at 94
Published May 14, 2020
Zabin was an internationally recognized expert on adolescent pregnancy, abortion, and sexual behavior who helped transform public attitudes toward contraceptive access for adolescents
In memoriam
Research associate S. Wojciech Sokolowski dies at 67
Published May 8, 2020
He worked with the Center for Civil Society Studies at the Krieger School since 1992 and contributed to projects focused on the comparative research of social institutions and organizations
In Memoriam
Biologist and computer scientist James Taylor dies at 40
Published April 3, 2020
Trailblazer in computational biology and genomics research remembered for his 'transformational' and 'immeasurable' contributions
In memoriam
Celebrated poet John Irwin dies at 79
Published Dec 20, 2019
Known for his unpredictable literary style and thorough critical analysis, especially of the modernists, he was a fixture at Johns Hopkins for more than four decades
In memoriam
Philosopher Stephen Barker dies at 92
Published Dec 20, 2019
He was named professor emeritus after teaching in the Department of Philosophy for nearly four decades
In memoriam
Education scholar Jeffrey A. Grigg dies at 42
Published Nov 14, 2019
Grigg, who joined Johns Hopkins in 2014, researched the sociology of education, social stratification, school reform, and the organization of schools
In memoriam
Longtime Writing Sems professor Stephen Dixon dies at 83
Published Nov 8, 2019
Dixon, who authored 17 novels and more than 500 short stories, remembered as a thoughtful, generous teacher who mentored countless accomplished writers
In memoriam
Longtime faculty member Ed Bouwer dies at 63
Published Oct 9, 2019
Former chair of the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering spent more than three decades as a researcher and mentor at Johns Hopkins
In memoriam
Mathematician Steven Zucker dies at 70
Published Sept 19, 2019
Longtime Hopkins professor known for his work in algebraic geometry remembered for his warmth, generosity, and influential mathematical conjecture