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In memoriam
Neurosurgery, pain treatment pioneer Don Long dies at 89
Published Sept 25, 2023
Founding chair of Hopkins Medicine's neurosurgery department was highly regarded for his neurosurgical skills, mentorship of leaders in the field
In Memoriam
Enterprising astronomer, space researcher Samuel Durrance dies at 79
Published May 10, 2023
Durrance, a Johns Hopkins research scientist from 1980 to 1997, made influential contributions to the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope and flew on two NASA missions as a payload specialist
In memoriam
Guy McKhann, founder of Department of Neurology, dies at 91
Published April 24, 2023
A mentor to generations of neurologists, McKhann led the teams that discovered now common therapies for Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, and other conditions
In Memoriam
Genetic medicine pioneer Barbara Migeon dies at 91
Published Feb 9, 2023
Migeon, the sixth woman to reach the rank of professor at the School of Medicine, remembered for dedication to education, influential research
Jonathan Goldberg, a beloved mentor to generations of Hopkins students, dies at 79
Published Jan 9, 2023
Goldberg was a towering presence in the fields of early modern British literature, poststructuralist literary studies, and LGBTQ studies and queer theory
In memoriam
Art historian Charles Dempsey dies at 84
Published Feb 28, 2022
Dempsey, an art historian who specialized in Renaissance and Baroque art, is remembered for his impact on the field and his students
In memoriam
Genetic medicine pioneer Haig Kazazian dies at 84
Published Feb 2, 2022
His seminal work includes introducing prenatal diagnosis of hemoglobin disorders and finding the first example of disease-causing mutations resulting from "jumping genes"
In memoriam
Astronomer Paul Feldman, a pioneer of comet science, dies at 82
Published Jan 31, 2022
He led the development of the field of comet UV spectroscopy and is remembered for his leadership, wit, and wisdom