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Medical ethics

Examining clinician burnout in health industries
Published Dec 26, 2019
Cynda Hylton Rushton shares insights about the issues that contribute to the burnout of health care providers
Medical ethics
A right to die?
Published Jan 9, 2014
Professor Cynda Rushton considers complex case of pregnant woman forced to stay on life support / CNN
Medical ethics
Crowdfunding conundrum
Published Dec 5, 2013
Exploring the ethics of a gender reassignment surgery paid for by an online fundraising appeal
Advancing ethics in medicine
Published July 16, 2012
Jeremy Sugarman, Harvey M. Meyerhoff Professor of Bioethics and Medicine, developed a model of how to approach ethical decision making in the arena of health care and medical science, a model that he expanded as he became one of the preeminent bioethicists in the world.