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mechanical engineering

New cool tools
Rock on—just not too hard
Published Summer 2019
SmartGuitar prototype prevents injury by telling musicians when they exert too much force on the strings / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Mechanical engineering
Putt-putt in paradise
Published May 1, 2019
Engineering students build high-tech miniature golf course with a tropical flair for Spring Fair
We're one step closer to building an elevator to space
Published Spring 2019
Biology inspires the technology that could allow scientists to build an elevator to space / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Breaking up asteroids is hard to do
Published March 4, 2019
Scientists model scenarios for breaking up or interrupting the path of asteroids on a collision course with Earth
Mechanical engineering
An on-ramp to creative design
Published Dec 11, 2018
First-year mechanical engineering students take their design skills for a spin in annual competition
New cool tools
Do researchers dream of electric fish?
Published Winter 2018
Professor Noah Cowan and his team devise a way to study the evasive knifefish / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Engine trouble?
Antique tractor gets students' gears turning
Published Nov 28, 2018
Mechanical engineering students learn the basics of drivetrain systems, gears, and pulleys by working on a 1947 Ford farm tractor
Sexual health
Hopkins team awarded $5.1M by NIH
Published Sept 28, 2018
Engineer Jeff Wang and physician Charlotte Gaydos will oversee the development of a diagnostic tool for sexually transmitted diseases
Senior set up for success
Published May 22, 2018
ROTC Cadet Connor Joyce will join the U.S. Army as a second lieutenant after graduation
A hugging machine and other life hacks
Published April 30, 2018
Students from Johns Hopkins, MICA team up for multidisciplinary design challenge