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mechanical engineering

Sexual health
Hopkins team awarded $5.1M by NIH
Published Sept 28, 2018
Engineer Jeff Wang and physician Charlotte Gaydos will oversee the development of a diagnostic tool for sexually transmitted diseases
Senior set up for success
Published May 22, 2018
ROTC Cadet Connor Joyce will join the U.S. Army as a second lieutenant after graduation
A hugging machine and other life hacks
Published April 30, 2018
Students from Johns Hopkins, MICA team up for multidisciplinary design challenge
Undergraduate research
A simple way to stop the bleeding
Published April 17, 2018
Engineering students devise blood-clotting 'super gel' that could make oft-repeated procedures more efficient and economical
Mechanical engineering
Instrumental design
Published March 15, 2018
Making banjos is an ideal way to learn basic engineering design skills, instructor Nathan Scott says
Robo Roaches
Published Spring 2018
Hate the cockroach all you want, but there's a lot mechanical engineers can learn from its physical prowess / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Mechanical engineering
Roach-inspired robots
Published Feb 13, 2018 Video
By studying cockroach locomotion, scientists learn how to build better, more mobile robots
Mechanical engineering
Custom Christmas gift
Published Dec 21, 2017 Video
A group of Hopkins students have a special gift just in time for Christmas for a 2-year-old with a rare genetic disorder
Design challenge
Ready to launch
Published Dec 7, 2017
Annual competition challenges mechanical engineering students to build a device to launch a foam football
Ping-Pong problem-solving
Published Oct 4, 2017 Video
First-year biomedical engineering students (plus a T. rex) tackle design challenge