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Mechanical engineering

Students invent quieter leaf blower
Published May 14, 2024
Patent-pending design by Hopkins undergrads could be available in stores within two years
Mechanical engineering
Students aim to take the bite out of noisy dental drills
Published April 29, 2024
Mechanical engineering majors at Johns Hopkins created a device that dampens the din of dental drills during procedures
Artificial intelligence
Robot tackles trauma's silent killer
Published April 16, 2024
Autonomous system devised by a Johns Hopkins doctoral student IDs and treats internal bleeding to prevent pre-hospital deaths when minutes matter
Mechanical engineering
Robotic surgeon precisely removes cancerous tumors
Published March 18, 2024
A team of Johns Hopkins researchers designed a device that can successfully remove tumors from the tongue with accuracy rivaling human surgeons
We all shimmy like these electric fish
Published Oct 26, 2023
Johns Hopkins scientists are the first to demonstrate that a wide range of organisms, even microbes, perform the same pattern of movements in order to sense their surroundings
Mechanical engineering
A new hope in cancer detection
Published Oct 12, 2023
New nanoSABER technology allows clinicians to visualize tumors in their entirety, which could improve cancer imaging and outcomes
Mechanical engineering
New microscopy method holds promise for treating resistant cancers
Published Sept 22, 2023
Approach could help optimize clinical decisions
Design Day
Student engineers empower independence
Published April 28, 2023
On Design Day, mechanical engineering students will present their system allowing blind people to manufacture their own canes. Set for Tuesday, May 2, the annual event showcases students' research and prototypes providing solutions to real-world problems.
Mechanical engineering
The lowdown on lower back pain
Published March 1, 2023
Study investigates the source of back and joint pain with the goal of reverse engineering treatments
The best way to take a pill, according to science
Published Aug 16, 2022
Researchers examining the mechanics of drug dissolution and the natural anatomy of the stomach found that taking a pill while lying on your right side shortens the time it takes for medicine to be absorbed