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Vaccine opponents unite around a 'civil liberties' argument on social media, study finds
Published Oct 2, 2020
Anti-vaxxer strategy shift on Facebook may signal a fierce fight over an eventual COVID-19 vaccine
public health
Analysis predicts U.S. counties at risk for measles outbreaks
Published May 9, 2019
New analysis predicts locations for possible future U.S. outbreaks based on international air travel, vaccination rates, population data
Global health
Researchers outline path to measles elimination
Published May 9, 2019
Where a country lies on the 'canonical path' could help officials identify at-risk populations and determine vaccination strategies
public health
Measles outbreak is the worst in U.S. in 20 years
Published April 25, 2019
Experts from the Bloomberg School of Public Health discuss the dangers of the virus, why it's spreading so rapidly, and what health officials can do to stop it
Public health
Searching for a vaccine against mistrust
Published Winter 2018
Outbreaks of once-controlled diseases such as measles are rising around the world. A look at the misinformation behind the growing anti-vax movement. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Anti-vaxx scare tactics
Published Feb 17, 2016
Anti-vaccine websites dupe parents with deceptive sound bites, junk science, conspiracy theories / Time
Experts discuss measles vaccine efficacy, resistance
Published Feb 10, 2015
School of Public Health hosts half-day symposium amid national outbreak that has sickened more than 120
Measles rises again
Published Feb 5, 2015
School of Public Health to gather experts to discuss science, policy of a preventable outbreak
Anti-vaccine madness
Published Feb 3, 2015
JHSPH vaccine expert featured in Sunday column on current measles outbreak / The New York Times