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Public health
Searching for a vaccine against mistrust
Published Winter 2018
Outbreaks of once-controlled diseases such as measles are rising around the world. A look at the misinformation behind the growing anti-vax movement. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Anti-vaxx scare tactics
Published Feb 17, 2016
Anti-vaccine websites dupe parents with deceptive sound bites, junk science, conspiracy theories / Time
Experts discuss measles vaccine efficacy, resistance
Published Feb 10, 2015
School of Public Health hosts half-day symposium amid national outbreak that has sickened more than 120
Measles rises again
Published Feb 5, 2015
School of Public Health to gather experts to discuss science, policy of a preventable outbreak
Anti-vaccine madness
Published Feb 3, 2015
JHSPH vaccine expert featured in Sunday column on current measles outbreak / The New York Times