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Health care
Unneeded care common, doctors say
Published Jan 17, 2018
In survey, physicians indicate overtreatment is driven by fear of malpractice, patient demand, profit motives
Patient safety
Study: Medical errors No. 3 cause of death in U.S.
Published Jan 17, 2018
Diagnostic errors, medical mistakes led to more than 250,000 deaths in 2013, researchers estimate
Sick and tired?
Published Jan 17, 2018
Preventable food, sleep deprivation all too common in hospitals, Hopkins experts say / Hopkins Medicine
Surgery surveillance
Published May 2013
Surgeon suggests using video to document procedures, use as a teaching tool, determine what's going right or wrong / Gazette
Learning from mistakes
Published Jan 17, 2018
Medical errors are alarmingly frequent, Johns Hopkins surgeon writes, and little is being done about it / The Wall Street Journal