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Married people who cheat don't regret it
Published May 22, 2023
Married people who have affairs find them highly satisfying, express little remorse, and believe the cheating didn't hurt their otherwise healthy marriages, finds a new Johns Hopkins report on the psychology of infidelity
Baby carriage before marriage?
Published Sept 7, 2021
New research by sociologist Andrew Cherlin suggests a historic shift away from the traditional marriage-then-baby continuum among college-educated moms
Millennial marriage
Waiting to wed
Published June 4, 2018
Millennials are waiting longer than previous generations to marry and have children—creating what a Hopkins sociologist calls a 'capstone marriage' / The New York Times
Carriage before marriage
Unmarried with children
Published July 14, 2016
A lack of middle-income jobs may drive more young people to have children before getting married, study finds
What I've Learned
The changing American family
Published April 26, 2016
A conversation with JHU sociologist Andrew Cherlin, who specializes in the study of marriage
Too poor to part?
Recession suppression
Published Jan 29, 2014
Recent U.S. divorce rate trend has 'faint echo' of Depression-era pattern, JHU sociologist says
Poor values or poor jobs?
Published Dec 27, 2012
JHU sociologist Andrew Cherlin examines decline in stable family units in U.S. / Bloomberg