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Marc kamionkowski

Faculty news
Johns Hopkins theoretical physicist shares 2021 Gruber Cosmology Prize
Published May 5, 2021
Marc Kamionkowski honored along with two others for work on cosmic microwave background
'Hubble Tension'
Cosmic crisis quelled?
Published Nov 28, 2018
Hopkins theorists suggest that an exotic form of dark energy is responsible for a discrepancy in the rate at which the universe expands
Dark matter's cooling property
Published March 5, 2018
New findings published in 'Nature' suggest dark matter can absorb heat energy, as JHU researchers predicted
Deep space
Did a gravitational wave detector find dark matter?
Published June 16, 2016
Johns Hopkins scientists offer hypothesis to solve long-standing mystery in physics
Astrophysicist shares honor
Published Jan 16, 2015
Marc Kamionkowski receives Dannie Heineman Prize for his scientific contributions to our understanding of the universe
Star bucks
Theoretical physicist honored
Published July 25, 2014
Marc Kamionkowski will receive up to $1M from the Simons Foundation to support his work
Big Bang breakthrough
'Cosmology's missing link' discovered
Published March 18, 2014
JHU cosmologist Marc Kamionkowski shares in excitement over Big Bang breakthrough