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Lyme disease

Lyme selfies
Published Spring 2021
Researchers look to AI to detect Lyme disease earlier / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Essential oils from garlic, herbs kill persistent Lyme bacteria
Published Dec 4, 2018
Lab study suggests plant compounds may be better than current antibiotics at killing Lyme bacteria that causes lingering symptoms in some cases
Living with Lyme
Published Summer 2018
In her new memoir, author and alum Porochista Khakpour explores Lyme disease through a grand metaphysical reflection on feeling out of place in her own body / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Lyme disease
Symptoms can persist after Lyme treatment
Published Feb 2, 2018
School of Medicine researchers find evidence of prolonged fatigue, depression, and pain for some diagnosed with Lyme disease
Public health
Hopkins to expand Lyme disease research efforts
Published Nov 8, 2016
$10M gift supports existing research on post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome, new therapies, vulnerable populations / Hopkins Medicine
JHU launches first U.S. center to study Lyme disease
Published May 26, 2015
Lyme Disease Clinical Research Center will explore causes, cures for ailment that afflicts 300,000, costs $1.3 billion annually to treat
Tick talk
Published Sept 2013
Environmental infectious diseases are the focus of JHU's Fisher Center / Gazette