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Lauren gardner

An influential COVID tracker shuts down
Published Feb 10, 2023
'It's bittersweet,' Lauren Gardner, an engineering professor who launched the project with one of her students, told NPR's Morning Edition. 'But it's an appropriate time to move on.'
Faculty Honors
Lauren Gardner wins top biomedical research prize
Published Sept 28, 2022
Gardner, creator of the COVID-19 dashboard that became the world's most trusted source for reliable, real-time data about the COVID pandemic, wins the 2022 Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award
Pandemic analysis
Better data needed to defeat misinformation
Published July 25, 2022
Global COVID map creator Lauren Gardner and data lead Beth Blauer say scientists can reclaim public standing with better communication
One year of tracking the COVID-19 pandemic
Published Jan 22, 2021
On Jan. 22, 2020, a civil and systems engineering professor and her graduate student created a coronavirus tracker map that would become the world's leading source for real-time pandemic data
University news
Lauren Gardner among 'TIME 100' most influential people
Published Sept 22, 2020
Civil engineer recognized for her work developing the COVID-19 Dashboard, a leading source of centralized data on the coronavirus pandemic
Seeing red
Published Summer 2020
With an innovative dashboard created by Johns Hopkins engineers, the world has observed the COVID-19 pandemic play out in real time. We're still watching the dots. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
JHU researcher will build new tools to model pandemic's spread
Published June 12, 2020
Civil and systems engineer Lauren Gardner, whose COVID-19 global tracker is now world famous, will help construct databases to better understand how the coronavirus moves from person to person