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Puppy pals for ICU patients
Published Feb 12, 2018
Researchers suggest therapy dogs could help patients reach health goals and stay motivated during ICU stays
Mental health
Post-ICU blues
Published Aug 15, 2016
One in three former intensive care unit patients show symptoms of depression, study finds / Hopkins Medicine
Intensive care
Post-ICU blues
Published April 25, 2016
Study: ICU stays can increase risks of depression, anxiety, PTSD / Hopkins Medicine
Tiny patients, big decisions
Published Summer 2013 Video
Parents of newborns in the NICU face tough decisions. Nursing alum Sara Rosenthal wants to make the process easier / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Treating the trauma of intensive care
Published Summer 2013
A recent study of ICU survivors found that one-third experienced PTSD symptoms for up to two years / Johns Hopkins Magazine