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New executive order regulating artificial intelligence
Published Nov 2, 2023
Johns Hopkins cybersecurity expert Anton Dahbura discusses the sweeping order meant to harness the potential—and anticipate the risks—of artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence
Ensuring safer skies with AI
Published Oct 9, 2023
With drone air traffic on the rise in the United States, Hopkins researchers look for ways to avoid collisions by using AI
How 'zero-trust' could enable safe data exchange in space
Published Jan 30, 2023
Gregory Falco, an expert in autonomous mission resilience, explains why satellites need a new system to enable secure communication
James Bellingham's life aquatic
Published Nov 19, 2021
The expert in autonomous underwater vehicles joins Johns Hopkins as Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of exploration robotics
Creating a culture of cybersecurity
Published Nov 18, 2021
In advance of his book Confronting Cyber Risk, engineer Gregory Falco discusses how and why organizations should incorporate cybersecurity into everyday business and planning