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Information security institute

New website predicts likelihood of cyberattacks between nations
Published Oct 14, 2020
Heat index scores likelihood of international cyberattacks based on five key indicators
Building a more secure smart home
Published June 12, 2020
Computer scientist Avi Rubin will work with a national team to develop more secure devices and recommendations for policymakers, companies, and consumers to better protect privacy
New outbreak model better predicts COVID-19 hotspots
Published April 27, 2020
Led by Anton Dahbura, a team of Johns Hopkins researchers have developed a customizable model for tracking and predicting infectious disease outbreaks
Intersession 2020
Poker class bet wins big
Published Jan 30, 2020
Nearly 250 students registered for the class, which had lectures focused on strategy, Machiavellian maneuvers, and how to calculate odds
Experts discuss range of cyber threats
Published Sept 20, 2017 Video
Equifax breach brings renewed attention to severe information security vulnerabilities
Warning signs
Published Summer 2017
To reduce construction site injuries, Hopkins team designs wired hard hats that send alerts when hazards like machinery get too close / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hack job
Researchers bring down drones
Published June 8, 2016 Video
Grad students in security informatics program hack drones for capstone project, identify security weaknesses
Data security
Hopkins team uncovers Apple encryption bug
Published March 21, 2016
Flaw would enable skilled hacker to decrypt photos, videos sent as secure iMessages / The Washington Post
JHU to host cybersecurity conference
Published Aug 4, 2015
Experts to discuss delicate balance between data sharing, privacy at Sept. 10 event
Cybersecurity scholarships
Published July 20, 2015
$2.2M NSF grant will support 3 or 4 master's students annually beginning in spring 2016