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Health guidelines could benefit 25 million Americans with chronic kidney disease
Published Feb 24, 2021
New guidelines call for bringing blood pressure levels down to 120 mmHg systolic in chronic kidney disease patients
Health disparities
Study: Low-income middle-aged African American women with hypertension are likely to suffer from depression
Published Feb 12, 2021
This population of women should be routinely screened and treated for depression, researchers conclude
Abnormal blood pressure in middle age and later life increases dementia risk
Published Aug 22, 2019
Those with high blood pressure in middle and later life were 49% more likely to develop dementia than those with normal blood pressure at both times
Under pressure
Published Spring 2019
Study of a remote South American tribe reveals that high blood pressure doesn't have to be a side effect of aging / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Heart health
Western diet and lifestyle raises blood pressure
Published Nov 15, 2018
Study examined two South American tribes—one that has little Western contact and one that has been exposed to Western diet and lifestyle
Heart health
New blood pressure guidance and what it means
Published March 12, 2018
School of Nursing expert Cheryl Dennison Himmelfarb discusses what people can do to lower their blood pressure
heart health
Taking the 'clinic' to the people
Published Aug 4, 2016
Researchers aim to eliminate racial differences in outcomes of blood pressure control programs / Hopkins Medicine
Study: High blood pressure in midlife increases risk of cognitive decline later
Published Aug 11, 2014
Study: High blood pressure in midlife increases risk of cognitive decline later / Hopkins Medicine