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Climate science
Study: In wake of hurricane, microbial ecosystem remarkably resilient
Published June 2, 2022
Findings offer hope for coastal regions even as climate change intensifies storm risk
Climate change, superstorms, and civil engineering
Published Sept 13, 2018
Two Hopkins engineers discuss the critical importance of shoring up America's infrastructure to protect from storms like Florence
University monitoring Hurricane Florence, making preparations
Published Sept 11, 2018
Storm is expected to bring high winds, rain, and a storm surge to Baltimore-Washington region
Race in America
Taking stock of Puerto Rico
Published March 28, 2018
Six months after Hurricane Maria, experts explore storm's impacts on island in panel discussion
Race in America
Public health crises in Puerto Rico
Published March 19, 2018
March 27 panel discussion will examine island's public health needs following devastation caused by Hurricane Maria
Disaster relief that strikes a chord
Published Jan 18, 2018
Peabody alum enlists musicians from BSO, Lyric Brass Quintet for free concert to benefit island of Vieques
Under the weather
Lessons from the 2017 hurricane season
Published Jan 5, 2018
Carey Business School faculty members explore how we might apply the lessons of business and economics to the threat of natural disasters
Signal after the storm
Published Dec 13, 2017
APL engineer Naim Merheb helps restore internet access for communities in his native Puerto Rico
Shelter from the storms
Published Nov 2, 2017
Hopkins hosts four students from Caribbean islands after hurricanes force their schools to close
Disaster response
Alum flies medical supplies to Puerto Rico
Published Oct 16, 2017
Ethan Leder leads effort to deliver medical, emergency supplies to rural parts of island