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Patient privacy
Which hospitals are at highest risk for data breaches?
Published May 26, 2017
Study finds 216 U.S. facilities violated, with one hospital corporation compromising hospital records of more than 4 million people
Health care
Hidden costs and 'surprise' bills
Published May 26, 2017
Study: Medical costs for some specialists and in certain regions of U.S. are up to six times higher than what Medicare pays
Health care
Medical care markup
Published May 26, 2017
Study: Hospitals charge more than 20 times cost on some procedures to maximize revenue
Quadruple duty
Burning waste to heat water
Published Winter 2013
Could four-in-one contraption eliminate overflow of medical waste in hospitals of developing countries? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hopkins docs, CPR pioneers
Published May 26, 2017
CPR forever changed standard emergency room routine, but does its creep into the mainstream have a downside? / The Atlantic