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Food systems

How will we feed the future and save the planet?
Published Spring 2023
The world's food systems are in peril—but there's still time to act / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Food systems
The tumultuous year of the fish
Published Summer 2021
New research examines the jolt to the seafood supply chain caused by COVID-19—and how we might build resilience in the future / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Bug appétit: Why eating cicadas is good for the environment
Published May 14, 2021
Jessica Fanzo, an expert in food policy and ethics, discusses the environmental and health benefits of eating insects, including cicadas
Eating for a better future
Published April 29, 2021
Jessica Fanzo thinks seriously about food in her new book, 'Can Fixing Dinner Fix the Planet?' The book, due out in June, is part of the Wavelengths general readers series from JHU Press.
Fighting food insecurity during a global pandemic
Published Jan 6, 2021
Jessica Fanzo, of JHU's Global Food Ethics and Policy Program, urges government cooperation to address the growing crisis / Nature
Data to improve global diets
Published Winter 2020
Developed in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Alliance for a Healthier World, a new dashboard helps global leaders conduct complex analysis of food systems / Johns Hopkins Magazine